December 30, 2020

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Updated Guidance and Information Documents for Winter Sports

Guidance and Information Documents for Winter Sports have been updated.

*It is expected that there will be updates to these documents as practices begin and teams prepare for competition. You will receive a notification when these documents are updated.

The updates include a reorganization of information into categories that align across documents. All documents now include the following 4 categories and associated subcategories. Each subcategory is divided into Required and Recommendations and Considerations.

1.COVID Safety Guidelines

  • General Guidelines
  • Masks and Face Coverings
  • Locker rooms

2. Practice

  • Preparation
  • Equipment
  • Practice

3. Competition

  • Site Set Up
  • Pre-contest
  • Contest
  • Post-contest
  • Playing Rules Adjustments

4. Officials

  • Uniform and Equipment
  • Pre Contest, Contest and Post Contest.

Updated Event and Facility Management Guidance and Media Management Guidance will be coming following the Minnesota Department of Health's updated guidance.

These documents can also be found on the Sports Guidance and Information-COVID Related Resources 2020-2021 page on AD dashboards and on the Activity Pages on the public website.

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