Cars: Maths in Motion Course

Maths and Science for your more able pupils.

What is The Challenge?

It is a predominately maths based Challenge that uses basic mathematics (measuring angles, scale, multiplication, percentages, decimals, problem solving, functional maths etc.), mixed in with some science and engineering, within in a ‘real life’ situation.

Working in teams of up to 4, you will need to set up a virtual racing car to race against others using online software.

Your Day

Just like the pupils, you'll be working as a team and setting up your car to compete in a virtual race at the end of the day.

In doing this you'll learn about the software and the day will prepare you to use it back in school with groups of pupils.

What is covered?

  • Percentages
  • Multiplication, Division
  • Calculator work (or not!)
  • Decimals, rounding, context
  • Ratios, chance, risk, strategy
  • Angles, measurement, scale
  • Speed, distance, time
  • Maths modelling… what happens if?
  • Engine performance, aerodynamics, gears, suspension
  • Team strategy, working together
  • Interpreting graphs, statistics
  • Data handling
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Functional Maths Skills

Course Follow-Up

Following the course and subject to purchasing the software your school could:

  • enter the regional challenge with the aspiration of making the national finals
  • compete against other local schools. An exciting Academy/Cluster Challenge?
  • keep it in-house and have in-school challenges
  • secondary schools could organise a 'Transition Challenge'

Target Audience

Teachers and support staff who have contact with those pupils who have been identified as more able mathematicians.

Suggested age range Y5 and older

STEM co-ordinators

G&T/More Able Co-ordinators

Parent Volunteers

Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge - What's it all about?


Venue: Hexagon Music Centre, Coltman Avenue, Beverley, North Humberside, HU17 9LP

Date: Feb 5th

Time: 09:30-16:00

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Course Tutors: Maths in Motion staff and Paul Wright

Cost: Free. If 20 attendees sign up for the course the usual fee of £95 will be waived.

Software cost: Primary site £199, Secondary site £399.

Other options, including home licenses are available from this link.

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