FCS Library News

June 2013

End of the Year Stuff

It is inventory time! Yay. so everyone could help us by returning any ILL loans from other schools (because they are asking), along with any stray books you may see around the school. All regular loans should be returned by June 10th, so that we will have ample time to do our inventory and see what is missing or lost. Once inventory is finished if anyone would like to check out books for summer reading let us know. Hopefully, by the last week we will be finished with inventory and can accommodate you. Remember, the kids love it when we are reading the same books as they are.

AR Raffles
All the AR butterflies will be coming down and can be used for drawings now and through September. In the fall we will begin again. Our butterfly board filled up quickly! Hopefully, we can fill it with even more this fall. The kids have voted on a gumball theme....can't wait!

Adult reading Challenge
The Literary Society memebers have been discussing all the great books we have been reading. We would like to propose a friendly challenge to see who can read the most books during a certain period of time. We realize that certain times are busier than others. So you can just join in when it is good for you. We think this will be a great way to let the kids know what and how much we are reading. We are just in the beginning stages of our planning. If you have any suggestion to make it more fun, let us know. Otherwise, keep the challenge in mind for September, details will follow.

Top Readers
Another thing to think about....In September we would like to do some Top Reader posters featuring the kids. Perhaps, we could combine the grades, or just do one elementary and one middle/high student. We could feature the student's poster in a special place for the month. Let us know what you think about this idea.

AR Quilt

Miss Fellows did an awesome job on our Accelerated Reader quilt! We plan on adding more to it next year.
We hope everyone has a great summer and is able to read a lot of books! Please remember that if you need help with anything, getting titles for your classroom or research projects, let us know, as we would love to help you. It is what we are here for, utilize us!