Avery Hoffman's Saxophone Recital

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach was a German composer who lived in the 16 and 17 hundred's. Bach was Eisenach to a very musical Family. Bach enriched German style through his harmonic and counterpoint skill. Bach's music is appreciated for its technical demand, Artistic beauty and intellectual depth.


Gavotte was originally composed in Germany during the Baroque era. The song Gavotte originated in France during the 17th century. Gavotte was arranged for the piano and Saxophone. No copy of an orchestra version of Gavotte exists.

About ME

Avery Hoffman was born in Sheldon, Iowa in 2002. When she was two she moved to Fargo, North Dakota and has lived there ever since. Avery has two parents and A brother named Easton. She plays saxophone and is a competitive Gymnast.


I think that this project has helped me see more then just a song. I have learned that songs have very interesting backgrounds and composers. I saw that songs like this one were written a really long time ago. I think it was a great chance to learn and i'm glad I got to do this project.


Mezzo Forte- Medium Loud

Decrescendo- Slowly get quieter

Crescendo- slowly get louder

Piano- Play quietly

Poco rit.- Get slower

Slur- connecting noted without tonging