The Jamaican Traditions

Jamaican traditions are very different than ours. For example there is one celebration called Nine nights. Nine nights are a celebration where friends and family gather for music and enjoyment at the home of the deceased. The celebration lasts nine nights and on the ninth night the family prepares food for all comers. On the ninth night a table is set up with food for the loved one. No one eats from this table before midnight, the time when the spirit is believed to pass through. On the night of death the deceased’s bed and mattress are placed upright against the wall. This is meant to encourage the spirit to leave the house and move on to the next world.

The Jamaican food

Jamaicans eat many different exotic foods. The Jamaican food came from many different places like, England, China, India, etc. Some foods are Ackee, Saltfish, Bammy, Red pea soup, and rice. Potatoes and yams are very common in these foods.