Nurses on the clock...

Career research

Nurses work in many different types of environments. Usually nurses work in nursing hospitals, schools, and clinics. They can also work in private homes helping elderly and disabled people. Nurses may be the only person you see when you go to the doctors office or hospital. Nurses have almost the same education as doctors. Nurses provide primary care and coordinate patient care plans. Nurses do anything from taking your height and weight to giving you an IV or taking your blood. You must earn a masters degree in ARPN and pass a national certification exam to become a nurse. Most nurses have a four year degree but you can have more. Usually to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant) you have to have 2 years of college.

Salary and taxes

An average nurse earns $96,460 a year which is 8,038.33 a month this is before taxes.


Federal- $1,629.54

Social security- $498.38

Medicare- $116.56

California state taxes- $565.58

Which is a total of $2,810.06 of taxes out of that pay

Nurses end up making $5,228.27 a month after taxes

House pay

My house is located at 1618 Bologna Ct. Salinas, CA 93905. My house costs $399.900 and I will be making payments of $2,038 a month. It has 2 1/2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms and a 2 car garage so the price for it isn't too bad. It also has 2 living rooms a dining room and large kitchen.

Monthly Expenses

-Rent: $2,038

-Water: $89.35

-Power: $98

-Cable/Internet: $32.50

-Phone: $55

-Entertainment: $500

-Food: $400

I will have $2,015.42 at the end of the month after taxes and monthly expenses.