April 2016

Upcoming Events

4/4 4/114/18 Anime Club

4/12 Special Olympics Track Practice

4/20 Progress Reports

4/27 BRIDGE Field Trip

BRIDGE English

Fern & Senior Award Winners

Anime Club

By: Eric Lagunas

We went to Safariland for our Anime club field trip.We played video games and bowled. We bowled and played air hockey. We played pool ball and danced to some music. We took pictures of us. We had so much fun that day.


By: Crystal Whitehead

In Math we’re doing a March Madness bracket. We need to calculate how many points each team won by. There are 64 teams in total. Each teams are separated into 4 groups of 16. When a team wins they’ll continue onto the next round. The other team loses and can’t play the whole tournament. The last two teams are going to compete in the finals and to see which team is going to be the winner of the March Madness competition.


By: Alyssa Garcia

In Reading we are doing workbooks and on Friday we do an article . Monday to Thursday we do our workbook and reading book. We do the lessons in groups. My group has gone up one level. This means we went up one reading level.

World Readiness

By: Jessica Berns

In World Readiness we have been learning about cleaning. We went to a couple of rooms to clean. We cleaned the desks, sprayed the windows, dusted and swept. We learned many things about cleaning for example doing laundry, sweeping and dusting. We learned how important cleaning really is and how to have and keep a clean home. Also the proper way to clean something and the not so proper way to get something cleaned.

Special Olympics

By: Sebastian Hernandez

I'm joining Special Olympics track because I like sports. I also like to run a lot. Special Olympics track started on 3/22/16. We do shot put at track. We do the 50 yard dash. We run laps sometimes. We sometimes go to tournaments.


By: Cesar Moreno

In science we are learning about energy, like where it comes from. We are also learning what is the energy we use. We use coal, oil & natural gas. The coal and oil come from underground. Another chapter we learned was about quicksand. We did a lab about quicksand. We put water and cornstarch in a cup and then we put a stick in the cup. We saw it sink down to the cup. Click on the link below to watch a video of our lab.