The South Carolina Colony

By: Maria Forgione


Today South Carolina is just a normal state in the Southeastern part of the United States. But you may not have known that many centuries ago South Carolina was part of the thirteen colonies. In the South Carolina colony you had many visitors. These visitors were called explorers, and there were also first settlers. After explorers had arrived, there were people called the colonists. The colonists did many things to help South Carolina be a better place. South Carolina also had a golden age! A golden age was when a popular governor made South Carolina a better place in the thirteen colonies. Now, get comfy because I'm ready to tell you all about South Carolina not as a state but in the thirteen colonies!

Explorers and First Settlers

South Carolina had lots of visitors arriving. These visitors were called explorers and first settlers. A European explorer named Christopher Columbus tried to reach the new world. He was an Italian explorer working for Spain. But Columbus never reached what is now the United States, either on his voyage of 1492 or any of his three later voyages. The Italian sailor Amerigo Vesspucci was the first European explorer to realize the true nature of the New World. While Amerigo was on a voyage to South America for Portugal in 1501-02, it dawned on him that the land stretched too far south to be Asia. Because Amerigo Vesspucci figured out what they were, North and South America were given his first name with a slight change in spelling. Those were some of the first explorers and settlers of the New World.

South Carolina's Youth 1680-1729

After explorers had arrived more and more people started coming to the New World! Nearly all of the early colonists farmed. They grew a great deal of corn and also raised cattle. In fact, although we usually think of cowboys as originating in the American West, the African slaves who tended the cattle in South Carolina were among America's first cowboys. For its first few years, South Carolina lacked a big money making farm product , such as tobacco was to Virginia and Maryland. This changed with the development of rice farming in the late 1600s, but there is a disagreement about how this came about. According to one story, a sea captain brought some rice seeds from Africa to Charleston during the 1680s. He gave seeds to a Mr. Woodward who in turn divided them among people he knew. Those are some people who started arriving in the New World.

The Colony's Golden Age 1730-1760

You may not have known that South Carolina had a golden age. A golden age for South Carolina was when a popular governor made South Carolina a better colony than it already was! In 1729 a popular governor named Robert Johnson was appointed in England as South Carolina's governor. While serving in that position between 1730 and 1735, he did a great job to improve the colony. Despite being one of America's wealthiest colonies, South Carolina did have a big problem in governor Johnson's view. Although a third town -Georgetown- was founded along the Atlantic Ocean in northeastern South Carolina in 1730, the only settled part of South Carolina was still the -twenty mile- wide strip of land along the coast. Johnson helped develop a plan to settle South Carolina's inland regions. Known as "Johnson's township scheme," the plan involved settling colonists from such places as Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and Wales (the country west of England), as well as English people. That is some information about the popular governor that made South Carolina a better colony.


The South Carolina colony was not easy to be founded. South Carolina had many explorers and first settlers. Next, after explorers more people came to South Carolina. Finally, you know about the popular governor that made South Carolina better! South Carolina was an amazing part of the thirteen colonies.


  • Captain- A person who is in charge of a ship or airplane.
  • Disagreement- Failure to agree.
  • Italian- A person born, raised, or living in Italy.
  • Scheme- A clever and often dishonest plan to do or get something.
  • Tobacco- A plant that produces leaves which are smoked in cigarettes, pipes, etc.


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