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What is Satire?

Satire is a way of making fun of someone or something in order to prove a point or learn a lesson.

Examples of Satire

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Simpsons Domestic Violence

Satire often touches on very personal and controversial topics. But remember the object is to bring something to light in a clever and funny way. This ad uses The Simpsons (a funny cartoon show) to show the the hypocrisy of domestic violence campaigns. Some groups and organizations can stand against domestic violence outwardly, but can have members within the group who still physically disrespect their respected other.
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Family Guy Race Assumptions

This Family Guy meme (another hilarious, witty TV show) proves a point in this by showing general, stereotypical assumptions about how at least airports view different colors of skin. White individuals are rarely ever worried about, or the issue in airport dangers. While, darker and different shades of brown skin are more often the individuals who are the culprits of airport dangers. This is shallow and generalized, but not necessarily false.
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Spongebob College Hyperbole

This cartoon, which is definitely my favorite, is trying to prove how extremely expensive college can be. Although this ad uses exaggeration, it really isn't untruthful at all. In college, it can seem like there are a million fees and payments that must be made in order to get through. This is funny because of the exaggeration, but also scary because of how it portrays something very real.
How to write a satire

Donald Trump Article-Created Satire

Breaking: Donald Trump would deport everyone if he became President!

Yesterday at a rally in New York, Trump declared that he would deport everyone in the United States because "they're not him" Trump stated that the lack of money in so many American households "disgusts" him, and that America would be far better off if it was just him. Donald added that the ban would be "temporary" and that U.S. citizens would be able to come back into the country once they are "rich" and as "remarkable" as him. Although Trump's comments were outrageous, his supporters still cheered for him and said that Trump will for sure Make America Great Again!

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