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~what we can control~

Technology Integration & Common Core

Technology is mentioned over 40 times in CCSS!
My basic understanding....common core combines academics with real world application & understanding

Some Tools You May Find Useful


use for research, makes images interactive when you add targets, you and your students can create them


search and find great tools! J2 has some awesome material!!
OR build your own

"Explore or make your own"
copy the text and build your vocabulary of words (need at least 15 words), students can learn the list & participate in a spelling bee

ME (Tina Faust)

My short, 6-month, hiatus from K-12 education reminded me that I can't control everything BUT I can control me. I can't control the department of education or policy & procedures. I can encourage, inspire, build relationships, and do my personal best to contribute to the education of students while preparing them for college and career readiness.

I truly want to be a part of your school and your classroom.
Feel free to contact me, and I'll add your needs to my priority list!

I look forward to working with you all this school year!

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