The Holocaust

Racial Discriminitation Abroad

A Time Ago....

The Holocaust was a time of suffering among the Jewish communities. This was a time of suffering both physically, mentally and emotionally due to the inhumane treatment from German Nazis. The Jewish underwent a serious of tortures ranging from being burned alive to being raped due to the not fitting the "perfect image". These starving Jews lived this way for months while watching fewer of them returning to their bunks, and not knowing if their loved ones had retuned or not. The Holocaust can be seen as the second wave of racial discrimination to breeze over the Northern Hemisphere in this new age with new tactics to rid of this unwanted race.

der Bringers des Bösen

(The Bringers Of Evil)

In this genocide, converting to the same religion was not an option of escaping the tragedies that were ahead of the Jews. Nine million Jews lived in Europe before the Holocaust; however, an estimated 2/3 were murdered. Millions of others, including the disabled, political and religious opponents to Hitler, Romanies (Gypsies), Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals, were also murdered. Survivors of Dr. Josef Mengele’s ("Angel of Death") experiments were murdered and dissected. Many children were maimed or paralyzed leaving hundreds dying. Mengele's was known by children as “Onkel Mengele” and would bring them candy and toys before personally killing them. Witnesses described prisoners as "emaciated beyond all imagination or description. Their legs and arms were sticks with huge bulging joints, and their loins were fouled by their own excrement. Their eyes were sunk so deep that they looked blind. If they moved at all, it was with a crawling slowness that made them look like huge, lethargic spiders. Many just lay in their bunks as if dead."

Discovering the Camps

US Army: The Saving Grace

On April 5, 1945, units from the American Fourth Armored Division of the Third Army were the first Americans to discover a camp with prisoners and corpses; these soldiers discovered the camp accidentally. The soldiers did not set out to liberate camps, they stumbled upon them – and found starved, frail bodies of hundreds of prisoners who had managed to survive, among the presence of corpses. Buchenwald contained 30,000 prisoners being ruled by German Communists with gypsies living amongst the imprisoned. On April 12th Generals George Patton, Omar Bradley, and Dwight Eisenhower arrived in Ohrdruf unknowing of what exactly they were fighting for and how inhumane these camps were. After becoming aware of the conditions inside of these camps the fight became evident. Liberation of the camps began on April 26, 1945 although homosexuals were still imprisoned, just in different places. Given the horrible conditions the survivors were in, many died soon after they were liberated.


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