Employee Representative Nominations

Hi Everyone

Three (3) Kazac Civil employees have put their names forward to be your nominated Employee Representatives.

Kazac Civil currently have Rod Bell-Allen and David Bowditch as your existing Employee Representatives and they will continue in this role for a further 2 years.

You are requested to cast your vote from the 3 employees below:

  • Garry Duffell
  • Mark Salt
  • Chris Worth

Kim Brown will be visiting all sites over the coming days with the form for you to nominate two (2) of the above employees.

Please consider who you would like as your representative and be prepared to complete the form when Kim provides this to you.

Should you be on leave, you will not be required to vote at this time (unless the vote counts are too close).

Any questions, please contact Karen on 0423 341 713.


Karen Cusato

Operations Manager

Employee Representatives Responsibilities

  1. Act as a point of contact for employees (to discuss employee related questions)
  2. Represent employees fairly and effectively in relation to matters concerning conditions of employment and Enterprise Agreement negotiations
  3. Participate in grievance procedures, when requested by an employee
  4. Liaise regularly with Kazac Civil Management regarding issues/concerns/questions raised by employees