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Plane parts

It is usually made from carbon fiber or other material that is strong yet light enough to fly. Then they use metal in the inside, is fabrics. Then in the cockpit the essentials are a magneto and spark plug, while they add nor electronic like GPS, height meter, a monitor that shows your velocity, and your balance. The plane really didn't take from anything since it was made from scratch.

The wright brothers

It was invented by the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, in kitty hawk, North Carolina, where they built and took flight. They weren't the ones with the idea of a plane, but they built the first successful one

Up in the Air

When the air meets the wing, it splits into two streams, top bottom, creating lift.

Social Planes!

This has changed how people interact with people because you can see and visit with long distance friends or relationship. Also trading and transportation across the planet had been made easier.

How do Airplanes Use Up Resources?

Airplanes uses gas, metal, wood, rubber and steel.

Inter actual Airplanes!

Because of airplanes people are able to travel around the globe in minimal time. They are not only more fuel efficient than cars but they are also much, much faster. Airplanes have changed society in many ways. They allow business workers to travel to other country's and to other states where ripe business opportunities may be. They also allow for people to leave their small little home town and see other parts of the world, and country. This allows culture to spread between areas and people can adopt others culture into their own.

How do Airplanes Affect Where People Live?

Airplanes make it much easier for people to move to another country, state, or continent. Airplanes made this easier by not only allowing people to visit the places that they would like to live but also expose them to places they had not previously considered. Because of this airplanes not only play a huge role in finding a nice area to settle down but they help people transport furniture to the area where their new home is situated. Yes, that's right people you can actually rent a airplane to fly your are old homes furniture to the closest airport or you new home.

Cultural Spread because of Airplanes.

Airplanes are not only great for visiting places you would want to live but they are great for finding, sharing, and spreading culture. Airplanes are one of the most used technology's for mapping and recording geographical information. They were used in the search for a lost airplane, whether, and hurricanes. They also are good at moving people. When people move from one place to another they normally take their culture with them. Because of this airplanes have been a leading contributed of globalization. One of the things that has the biggest affect on globalization is transportation, which airplanes are made for.
Airplanes innovation