Cell Review

By: Braden Darge


A Nucleus is a plant and animal cell. The nucleus directs the activity in the cell. The nucleus is like the mayor of the state.
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Cell Membrane

The cell membrane is in the animal and plant cell. The cell membrane lets the bad things out and the good things come in.
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The cytoplasm is in both animal and plant cell. It controls the stuff inside the Cell membrane. its like a sidewalk.
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The Ribosome is in is in both the animal and plant cell. The Ribosome Creates the protein for the cel.
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The Mitochondria is in both the plant and animal cell. It makes up all the energy for the cell. Its like the power plants of the city.
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The vacuole is in only the plant cell not the animal cell. It stores the water for the cell. its like the ware house of the cell.
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Golgi Body

The Golgi Body is found in both the Animal and plant cell. It groups up the items.
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Rough ER

The Rough ER is found in both the Plant and Animal cells. It is to export the bad things.
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Smooth ER

The smooth ER is found in both the animal and plant cells. It helps the cell function and stay alive.
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The lysosome is found in only the Animal cells. It helps the cell by collecting all the waste out of the cells.
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Cell Wall

The Cell wall is in the plant cells only. It protects the cell from injury. Its like a wall of something.
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The Chloroplast is only found in the plant cells. It handles the photosynthesis of the cell. It is like a power plant.
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The Cell Theory

* All living thing are made of cells

* Cells carry out functions needed to support life

*Cell come from only other living cells

Prokaryote and Eukaryote


* Has no nucleus

*heredity is contained with the cytoplasm


* Has a nucleus

* heredity is contained in the nucleus

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Body Organization

  • Cells are the simplest unit of living things.
  • Tissue is the group of cells the work together to make function.
  • Organ is the group of tissue that works together that makes a function.
  • Organ System is the group of organs that work together that makes a function.
  • Organism is the group of organ systems that work together make a function.