Save the turtles!

By Megan Adams

Pollution's killing them!!

Pollution is affecting the turtle population in many ways. The first way is Fibropapillamoas , a disease running rampid through sea turtles. This disease has been assumed by many to be caused by pollutants in the water. Oil spills and runoff of chemicals and fertilizers all contribute greatly to water pollution. Water pollution not only kills turtles , but it kills their feeding habitat along with many other marine life species. Fertilizers and chemicals running off of lands and farms into the water causes approx. 36% of all death in oceans. The extra nutrients from fertilizers getting into the ocean causes Eutrophication ( explosion of agal blooms that deplete water's oxygen and suffocates marine life. The most basic way for the turtle population to decrease, is just humans throwing their trash off of boats , or into the sand. We need to stop polluting in order to save the turtles and marine life!


Tuesday, May 5th, 12am

Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Virginia Beach, VA

Pollution is a worldwide event. This happens everywhere, all the time. This is a serious issue because we are killing many species and ruining all the water we have available.

How are we going to help the turtles?

We can help save the turtles and all of marine life by NOT polluting. I know that's not going to completely happen, but we can try our best to cut down. We can also clean up your neighborhood and local beaches.

We are MeganCo

MeganCo is a worldwide company that has devoted all of it's time to save sea turtles.