From Oranges to Orange Juice.

By: TJ K


You want to know how Orange juice is made? From FlORIDA! Read to find out! You will know how florida Orange juice is made, And how its tasty, pure, healthy, and simple.


Oranges begin in farms. Oranges grow in orange groves. Oranges get hand-picked, one by one. Workers place the Oranges in large canvas bags which are then unloaded into containers. Special machines called goats transport Harvested Oranges from the grove to trucks, waiting to deliver Oranges to a nearby Processing plant .


There oranges are unloaded onto conveyor belts and washed to remove any dirt. Oranges go through strict compliances with all USDA and FDA regulations. State of the art extracting machines squeeze just the right amount of juice from the Oranges. Orange juice is enjoy food safely. The juice is chilled and blended for assistant quality then packaged into containers then loaded into boxes then trucks to stores.


The boxes are loaded of the truck then the Orange juice put on shelves for all of us to buy. people go to the stores and buy Orange juice and drink it for its great taste

Fun Facts

Orange juice is healthy, pure, tasty, and simple.


In conclusion Orange juice tastes good 100%.
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