The Great Hurricane Ike!

November 16, 2012 By: Kailey Ansari

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a powerful storm that can sometimes bring tornadoes. Hurricanes form over warm water. The surface temperature has to be at least eighty degrees. A hurricane uses the water as an energy source and that is why it is stronger in the water than on land. When a hurricane is on land, it gets weaker and weaker because the energy on land slowly disappears and so the hurricane loses power. Did you know that there is a hurricane season? Well there is; it starts on June 1st through November 30th. There are different names for hurricanes depending on where they are. The different names are typhoon, cyclone, and tropical storm.

A Famous Hurricane!

My famous hurricane name is Ike. Hurricane Ike did bad damage so the people that hurricanes did not use that name again. Hurricane Ike made landfall in Cuba two times and was in a level four. The highest wind speed that Ike got was 116 mph. The winds got no higher than that. Hurricane Ike was responsible for killing 28 people. Hurricane Ike cost over 1 billion dollars in damage. On September 3, 2008 Hurricane Ike was formed and on September 7, 2008 it made landfall.

Categorizing and Naming.

Hurricanes are categorized by their wind speeds. Category one is 74-95 mph. So any hurricane that has wind speeds from 74 to 95 is in category one. Category two is 96-100 mph so any hurricane that has wind speeds from 96 to 100 is in category two. Category three is 111-130 mph so a hurricane in that wind range is in category three, and category four is 131-155 mph,and anything above 155 is a category five. If a hurricane did bad damage and killed a lot of people then what ever name they give that hurricane will not be used again.


Well that is really all i can say about hurricanes. If you would like to no more than go to your local library and read books about hurricanes or even look on the internet. Remember hurricanes can be very harmful so always have a plan!