Bull Catcher

By: Alden R. Carter


In this book, Bull Catcher by Alden R. Carter a teenage baseball fanatic named Bull strives to be the best he can at baseball. Bull and his best friend Jeff love baseball and work their hardest to achieve their goals. Bull and Jeff show persistence throughout the book. Jeff and Bull have to overcome many problems and challenges through high school, like their friend was abused and ended up dying in a car crash, also there was a lot of girl drama. But, their hard work pays off in the end, and they win the championship against their rivals in their senior year.

Book Review

So, overall i thought this book was pretty good, not fantastic but worth the read. Some parts were not very engaging. During the off season for the team, the reading wasn't very interesting. But, later in the book at a summer camp Bull went to they had to save a counselor who cut him self severely. So, the action parts at the summer camp and when the team won the championship were the best parts of the book in my opinion.


"We're gonna set the world on fire, and we ain't never gonna die."

That quote was after Jeff and Bull won the championship. I think it really shows how you feel when you achieve your goal. It makes you feel on top of the world, like Jeff and Bull Felt.

Biography of author, Alden R. Carter

Alden R. Carter was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Carter has always been interested in books, he loves reading and always has. Carter became a teacher after graduating from Kansas University. Teaching didnt complete him, he wanted to write more. So, he quit his job to be a full time author. His first book was published in 1984 followed by many other books that have won numerous awards. Carter has also had an interest in canoes, he loves canoeing and has always been fascinated by them. Carter now lives in Marshfield, Wisconsin with his wife and two children.