Huntington's Disease

Cause, Symptoms, When To Call a Doctor, and What It Is

What is Huntington's Disease?

It is an inherited disease that makes nerve cells decay and effects your functions. It affects your muscles, leads to a decline in thinking and psychiatric problems. it comes noticeable once you hit your adult life.

Causes of Huntington's Disease

You only need a copy of the defect in your gene to get it. it is inherited from your parent and it is dominant because you only need one to get it. you can't catch it from another person. everyone has the huntington's gene in them, but some have a weird copy of it that can cause you to get it.

When To Call a Doctor.

call your doctor if you notice any movement lose or increase in emotions or even your mental ability.

Treatments for the disease

no treatments can change Huntington's disease because it is an inherited gene
Huntington's Disease


there is no ways to prevent huntington's disease because it is genetically inherited but there is medicine

  • Tetrabenazine
  • risperadone
  • amantadine etc.


My reflection on Huntington's disease is that it is a genetically inherited disease that cannot be prevented. There are some medications that can help like Tetrabenzine, risperadone, amantadine etc. Huntington's disease effects your movement and cause your cognitive skills to decline and also causes psychiatric problems.