Nutrition and Obesity

Maciek Zegadlo

Literacy 312 03/06/15

Initial Thoughts

Now whenever I eat meat anywhere I think about the animal that it came from. These movies really made me think. Now my appetite is not as big as it used to be. I used to love eating fast food, but now I am not really into it as much. I am really interested in the nutrition and that is the direction I want to go in my project. It seems interesting and I want to learn more about what I eat. In my research I am planning to include how to eat healthy, what makes us gain weight, sugar and other interesting topics. It is a good topic and I want to stay with it.


Question #1: What are the culprits for active young people still being overweight?

Source #1: Do We Need to Know What’s in Junk Food?

Summary #1:The FDA are reviewing the nutrition labels on food packages. They are considering putting the labels on the front of the packages for everyone to see. It gives the reader opinions from 6 different perspectives of educated people. They explain what is harming us and what the FDA should change to our food policy. Tom Laskawy believes that traffic labeling is a good idea and decrease the amount of food deserts. Brian Wansink believes that labels will not help. He just wants to encourage people to eat in moderation. Barry M.Popkin wants to make the food healthier, start traffic labeling and remove false labeling. Mark Andon wants to sell foods in different containers depending on their nutrition labels. Hank Cardello believes that companies should get rewards for making the foods they make healthy. This is called fat taxes. Adam Drewnowski just talks about what is in our foods that harms us so much.

Paragraph that answers question #1: The culprit for young and active kids still being overweight is not knowing what they eat.Barry Popkin, an economist and nutrition expert, said, “Complicated labeling on the back of food packages simply does not work.” The labels are not clear enough for the people to know what they are saying. Therefore the labels are misinforming the consumers which causes them not to know what they are eating. This leads to young active people being overweight.
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Processed Foods

Question #2:What are the culprits for active young people still being overweight?

Source #2: Are you being snacked to death?

Summary #2:The processed foods in between meals is the problem for people being overweight. The author shows that people have bad eating habits in what they eat. People usually eat unhealthy snacks in between their meals. These foods have many artificial ingredients and not many natural ingredients. If people ate natural snacks in between meals like strawberries or other fruit, the obesity rates would go down.

Paragraph that answers question #2:The culprit for young, active people still being overweight is because they are snacking on processed foods. “In fact, if you’re anything like the average teen, you snack as often as four times a day...The top snack picks for teens are factory-made desserts, salty snacks, candy, and fruit drinks.”This shows that most people snack on bad foods 4 times a day. That shows that processed foods are making young, active people overweight.

Fast food

Question #3: What are the culprits for active young people still being overweight?

Source #3: What are the culprits for active young people still being overweight?

Summary #3:Fast food is drastically affecting teens’ nutrition, in a bad way. Fast food is not giving enough vitamins and minerals that are needed by teens these days. For example, a small cup of broccoli gives you 22 times more vitamin C than french fries. Vitamin C is crucial in building muscle tissue and fighting many diseases. But fast food has also too much of one mineral, sodium. Fast food has large amounts of sodium which leads to heart attacks and strokes. The amount of calories in foods is another problem. An average person should eat around 2000 calories a day, while a Fast food meal usually contains over 1250 calories a day. This can lead to teens not burning the calories and becoming obese. The increase in fast food led to 250% more obese teens in the last few years.

Paragraph that answers question #3:The culprit for young active people still being overweight is fast food. “In a large part, increased consumption of fast food has created a 250 percent increase in obese teens between 1980 and 2008.”Since more and more people ate fast food, the higher the rates of obesity in teens. This shows that the culprit for young and active teens still being overweight is fast food.


Poor nutrition and obesity is a major food problem because of labeling, processed foods, and fast food. People are misunderstanding labeling on foods, which causes poor nutrition and obesity. Another problem is processed foods, as processed foods have no helpful nutrients for the human body. The final problem is fast food because people are eating fast food way too often and fast foods are very unhealthy. Those are the three major causes affecting our nutrition and leading to obesity.


Post thoughts

I learned a few things about nutrition and obesity. There are many problems with it including labeling, fast food, and even processed foods. I never thought about this issue so in depth. That is why I did not know that much about it. Now I know what causes obesity and why our communities nutrition is very poor.

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By Maciek Zegadlo