Rhode Island by Finn

The Ocean State


The best job in Rhode Island is to fish because half of Rhode Island is surrounded by water. Some aquatic animals to fish for are lobster, quahogs [a type of clam] and squid. Another popular job in Rhode Island is to be a silver smith. A silver smith uses long melted slabs of gold and silver and they can shape it into silverware, watches, jewelry and other gold and silver items. Rhode Island is famous for jewelry making.

Fun Facts

You can get from one side of Rhode Island to the other in less then a hour. Rhode Island Is home of the International Tennis Hall Of Fame. Ann Franklin was America's first female newspaper editor she worked for the Newport Mercury which is in Rhode Island.


1790 Rhode Island became the 13th state. Working-class Italians riot over the rising of pricey pasta in the macaroni riot. The demarcates take over the senit in the bloodless reavalooshon


If you compared Alaska and Rhode Island Alaska will be 425 times bigger. Little Rhody is only 1,545 square miles. About 60% of its land is trees. Narragansett Bay is a bay that was cut by an iceberg. Down there you find rocky cliffs , sandy beaches and flat plains.

Rhode island

Rhode Island

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This article is about the U.S. state. For the former British colony, see Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. For other uses, see Rhode Island (disambiguation).

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State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations


Nickname(s): The Ocean State
Little Rhody[1]

Motto(s): Hope

Official languageDe jure: None
De facto: English

DemonymRhode Islander

(and largest city)Providence

AreaRanked 50th

- Total1,214[2] sq mi
(3,140 km2)

- Width37 miles (60 km)

- Length48 miles (77 km)

- % water13.9%

- Latitude41° 09' N to 42° 01' N

- Longitude71 ° 07 'W is 71 ° 53' W

PopulationRanked 43rd

- Total1055173 (2014 est.)[ 3 ]

- Density1006/sq mi (388/km2)
Ranked 2nd

- Median household income$54,619 (16th)


- Highest pointJerimoth Hill [ 4 ] [ 5 ]
812 ft (247 m)

- Mean200 ft (60 m)

- Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean[4]
sea level

Before statehoodRhode Island

Admission to UnionMay 29, 1790 (13th)

GovernorGina Raimondo (D)

Lieutenant GovernorDaniel McKee (D)

LegislatureGeneral Assembly

- Upper houseSenate

- Lower houseHouse of Representatives

U.S. SenatorsJack Reed (D)
Sheldon Whitehouse(D)

U.S. House delegation1: David Cicilline (D)
2: James Langevin(D) (list)

Time zoneEastern: UTC −5/−4

AbbreviationsRI, US-RI


Footnotes: * Total area isapproximately 776,957 acres (3,144 km2)

Rhode Island (i/ˌrd ˈlɨnd/ or /rɵˈdlɨnd/), officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,[6] is a state in theNew England region of the United States. Rhode Island is the smallest in area, the eighth least populous, but the second most densely populated of the 50 US states (behind New Jersey). Rhode Island is bordered by Connecticut to the west andMassachusetts to the north and east, and it shares a water boundary with New York's Long Island to the southwest. It also has the longest official name of all the states.

Rhode Island was the first of the original Thirteen Colonies to declare independence from British rule, declaring itself independent on May 4, 1776, two months before any other colony. The state was also the last of the thirteen original colonies to ratify the United States Constitution.[7][8]

Rhode Island's official nickname is "The Ocean State", a reference to the state's geography, since Rhode Island has several large bays and inlets that amount to about 14% of its total area. Its land area is 1,045 square miles (2,710 km2), but its total area is significantly larger.

Rhode island red

The Rhode Island Red is an American breed of chicken. It is a utility bird, raised for meat and eggs, and also as a show bird. It is a popular choice for backyard flocks because of its egg laying abilities and hardiness. Non-industrial strains of the Rhode Island Red are listed as "recovering" by The Livestock Conservancy.[1] The Rhode Island Red is the state bird of Rhode Island.[3]