Knight Notes

Yarbrough Elementary Newsletter - December 2019

Quick Glance at Important Dates

December 3rd, 4th, and 5th - Marco's Pizza Nights

December 6th - School Spelling Bee

December 6th - Club Day

December 6th - Orders Due for Cassie Beasley Books

December 10th - Battle of the Books School Competition

December 13th - Musical Celebration of Alabama (see times for each class below)

December 19th - End of Quarter Celebration

December 20th - January 5th - Winter Holidays

January 6th - Students Return to School

School News

The first half of the school year has really gone by quickly. We hope that your child has had a wonderful experience so far at Y.E.S. – and is looking forward to the second half of our year together. While we are away from school this December, I would ask that you encourage your child to pick up a book and read for a few minutes each day. We have worked hard this year to make reading the culture at Y.E.S. by adding a book vending machine and providing instruction on how to be an active participant in a book group. Please consider engaging with your child before, during and after they read by asking a few simple questions that do not require you to have read the book yourself.

Before reading questions:

· What type of characters do you think might be in this book?

· Do you think this will be like another book you have read?

During reading questions:

· What has happened so far in the story?

· What do you predict will happen next?

· How would you have felt if you were the character?

· When you read, what pictures do you see in your head?

After reading questions:

· Were your predictions correct?

· What happened because of the problem?

· If you could change one part, what would you change?

The link below will take you to a printable book mark that can be used to help guide your conversations on any type of book.

A huge thank you to our Y.E.S. PTO who has helped raise money for Yarbrough. We LOVE our new furniture in the Media Center and have many teacher grants that will benefit our students with innovative teaching and enriching projects.

Thank you for your continued support of Y.E.S,

Pete Forster

Leaders of the Month

Congratulations to these students who were chosen to represent their classes as Leaders of the Month for the month of November.

Marco's Pizza Nights

It's time for our annual Marco's Pizza Fundraiser! Yarbrough's three nights are December 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Order a carry-out pizza from the Shug Jordan location, and it will be served in a box decorated by your child. Be sure to check the email from Mr. Forster for additional details about how to order.

Battle of the Books School Competition

Many students have been hard at work reading the five books that will be tested during the school's Battle of the Books competition. On Tuesday, December 10th, students may visit Mrs. Brandt's room to take the online quiz which will contain 5 questions for each book (25 total questions). The top 8 scorers will form our two teams for the district competition in March.
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Yarbrough's Child Nutrition Program in the News!

Check out the link below to see the state department's CNP newsletter which featured our school's celebration of National School Lunch Week! We are thankful for Vicki, Tammi, and Willa. They prepare and serve hundreds of breakfast and lunch meals each day (including a two-day total of 824 lunches during our Thanksgiving Meals)!

From the Lunch Line

Please turn in lunch money so that all accounts can be up to date by the 16th.

Art Action with Mr. Daniel

The Y.E.S. Art Dept. is all geared up for a fabulous month of December!
Our fourth grade art students will be exploring the works of Salvador Dali, as we develop "From Food To Function Vehicles." They will use the elements of art, principles of design and their vivid imaginations to produce these creative works of art.

Our fifth grade art students will use their creative ability, skill-set, elements of art and principles of design to develop "Peppermint Op Art Compositions." We will be exploring the works of M.C. Escher. They will produce works of art that utilize equal amounts of positive and negative space throughout their compositions.

Say YES to purchasing a yearbook (Yarbrough) for 2020! All yearbooks are purchased online at:
Once you're there, be sure to click on the Yarbrough link. The tentative deadline for purchasing a yearbook this school year is March 2020. Get them while they're available.

YES Art Dept.

The Computer Lab Latest with Miss Ball

In the computer lab the students will continue to strengthen their typing skills through our typing program, EduTyping. The students will also participate in a typing game called "Musical Typing" or "Finish that Story," and each student will get the opportunity to go around the room and add a few sentences to a classmate's story.

Fitness Fun with Coach Smith

In December, students will participate in our annual Handball Unit. Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outcourt players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team.

-Homework Fitness Challenge is in full swing. Students will turn it in at the end of each month to win cool prizes.
- Reminder for students: Please wear tennis shoes in PE.

Media Memos with Mrs. McGilberry

This month we are “Coding Unplugged." We are starting with how picture books lead us into the world of coding. We will focus our studying on algorithms, coding, debugging, function, and parameters. Once ideas are established, we will be applying them to the Hour of Code and Scratch, Jr. I’m looking forward to learning more as we develop this topic together.

Music Messages from Mrs. Oprandy

All classes have been very busy preparing for our one big musical performance of the school year! In an effort to celebrate Alabama’s 200th birthday this year, both fourth and fifth grade classes have been learning songs that help us pay tribute to the stories of Alabama’s people, places, and path to statehood.

On December 13th, ten classes will sing at 8:00 a.m. and ten classes will sing at 10:00 a.m. The 8:00 a.m. classes are Freeman, Carpenter, Mocks, Lindsey, Martin, Teel, Sullivan, Ramey, Henson, and Glagola.

The 10:00 a.m. classes are Rubin, Burke, Tolliver, Anderson, Lindsey, Williams, Sandersen, Kerlin, Cowell, and Sullivan.

Students should wear their 2019-20 red school shirt and jeans. No shorts, tights, or leggings.

Audience members are also invited to a birthday cupcake party immediately following the performance. We hope to see you on December 13th!

Venture Visit with Mrs. Price

We have been builders and landscape architects this month. To kick off November, the students tried to build "stick-bombs" using tongue depressors. It takes lots of teamwork and concentration to build a structure that "explodes." For the past several weeks, the students have been planning, designing and building their dream backyards! Roller coasters, football fields, zip-lines, pools and jacuzzies are some of the most popular items. As the students designed and planned, they had to determine the area and perimeter of each item to ensure that everything "fit" just right. After planning, the students made blueprints. This week the students are working on turning their blueprints into 3D models. This has been a fun project. The students can't wait to share their creations!!

The Counseling Connection with Mrs. Walsh

In December we fill focus on self-esteem and relationships. Self-esteem is important because it affects one’s behaviors and thoughts. Self-esteem impacts one’s life and choices. Parents can help boost their children’s self-esteem by helping them look for good role models to learn from, helping them focus on achievements not failures, setting reachable goals, smiling and walking with confidence, practicing the things they do well, always putting forth their best effort, and spending time with people who love them. Talk with your children about keeping a good attitude even when bad things happen in life. Be that “example” that your child wants to grow up and be like.

Quote of the month:

“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.” -Ayn Rand