Water Watch

By: Adam Malmberg and Ricky Hernandez

What is Water?

Water is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom covalently bonded together.

How does it move?

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This picture shows the Hydrologic Cycle, or Water Cycle. Surface water (from Oceans or the like) gets heated by the sun and evaporates. It then rises to the sky and forms clouds through condensation. These clouds, when filled with too much water to hold, will release it to the Earth as rain through the process of precipitation. This water when hitting the ground will either begin to fill lakes and rivers, become surface runoff, or seep into the ground and become groundwater. This runoff and formation of rivers and lakes begin to form parts of a local watershed.

Pollution Problems

Fish need oxygen and without it they cannot survive. Too much algae in the water from the process of eutrophication causes these oxygen levels to decrease drastically, which in turn causes the fish to die. On the other hand, if there is a presence of macroinvertebrates, then the pollution levels of the water are probably healthy.


Water Watch Staff

Adam Malmberg

Ricky Hernandez