St Mary's Catholic School, Papakura

Term 4 Week 2 - 29 October 2021

Me Whakakotahi, Kia Maarama, Kia Pono, Ki Te Karakia

Together We Learn, We Pray, We Serve


Kia ora koutou katoa

First of all, I want to extend a huge thank you to our school community for your kind thoughts, messages and prayers while my family and I dealt with the loss of my dad. It is this kind of support that has helped me to stay strong and get back on track. A huge thanks to Mrs Buckley and the staff, who have rallied around me through this time.

School has taken on a very different face over the past 3 months. This has been a challenge for all our tamariki, our whānau and our kaiako. I am conscious that our school community as a whole is trying to come to terms with the new reality of the concept of school, which is so far from what we know it to be. We have a small contingent of staff on site every day, taking care of just 8 of our precious tamariki. Life at school is very quiet. We miss the vibrancy and spirit that our students bring to the place. We can't wait for the day that they are all back with us, having fun, learning with their friends and teachers. In the meantime, please continue to keep your children's spirits up, having fun outdoors as much as possible, getting creative and innovative with real life hands-on learning.

As you know, the Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins has announced an indicative return to school date of 15 November. At present, representatives from the Ministry of Education are in consultation with school leaders and professional education communities to work out how we can most safely and sensibly have our children back at school from that date. We have not recieved any definite information or any guidelines as yet. However, I want to assure our parent community that we will do all we can to follow health and safety guidelines to keep all our tamariki safe if they do have to return to school. Please watch out for APP alerts and emails from me as new information comes to light.

We are inviting you to collaborate with your child/ children to give us feedback on their experiences of distance learning. We need this information to support the judgements that teachers need to make about your child's progress, when they write reports this term. Please sit alongside your child and guide them to complete the survey. Every child who returns a completed survey will contribute a point to their house points. The winning house will receive a special treat when we return to school. All names of students who return a completed survey will also go into a draw to win an awesome scooter, just in time for the summer holidays! Below is a special video from Mrs Buckley and I which explains more about this.

Here is the link to the survey :

Please advise our office on if you are planning to transfer your (Year 0 - 5) child to another school for 2022. Thank you to all parents of our Year 6 - 8 students who have informed us of children who will be leaving us this year. This information is very important to our planning, staffing and budgeting for the new year.

As with every year, we have a range of school events planned for Term 4. This year's arrangements will obviously need to be different to be able to accommodate Health and Safety guidelines. Our team is in planning regarding these events and parents will be informed of changes to plans.

The annual NZShakeOut Earthquake drill went ahead this week, though in a somewhat different style. We hope that every family was able to participate in the drill from home. Our students did a great job on this, even in their bubble at school.

I hope that all families are safe and well at this very challenging, uncertain time. It certainly is a period of our lives that will go down in the history books. From a "glass half-full" perspective, this generation of children is sure to come out of this era with a special resilience and ability to overcome any challenge they face.

I wish you all God's richest blessings as we navigate our new reality, going forward.


Audrey Kippen


A video message from Mrs Kippen and Mrs Buckley


Shaira and Shaun doing their earthquake drill at home #nzshakeout

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Home Learning at St Mary's

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From the Desk of our DRS (Director of Religious Studies)


What a beautiful way to enter your homes during the first two weeks of the term and sharing the Joyful and Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. Our morning prayer time has become the best treasure we will store up in our lockdown diaries. It gives us such a sense of belonging and we know that our time together is sacred.

All Saints Day

This week our students have been researching the life and work (mission) of different saints in the history of our church. Teams will organise a special time during morning prayer to celebrate this next Monday.

Personally I think a lot more saints have been added to our list during the lockdown, as you, our unsung heroes, have tirelessly and courageously filled so many gaps in the lives of your children. Thank you to our saintly essential workers who are battling it out on the frontline. Another person you could also look at is Suzanne Aubert Suzanne Aubert.

All Souls Day

Please forward the names of loved ones who have passed on during THIS year, so we could add them to our special book of remembrance. This will be an online liturgy for the whole school next Thursday at 11am to honour our dearly departed. You might like to prepare a special place with a display of photos and a candle to burn during the liturgy. We will provide a link by Wednesday.

Parish News

Please see the attached documents to enrol your children for their sacramental program (First Holy Communion and Confirmation). We are so sorry that our candidates for Baptism could not go ahead with their ceremony. Please email the Baptism forms to me ( ) or the office and we will collaborate with Father James about a suitable date early in the new year.

A burning question: How do you keep your faith alive when you cannot attend church? This was a question in our previous newsletter before the holidays. Well, I found something valuable that you could explore. See the invitation below from Bishop Michael Gielen to engage and collaborate with others who are also on a special faith journey.

“Alpha is the most gentle way I’ve found to share God’s love found in Jesus. I will be offering Alpha online (via Zoom) for 8 interactive sessions starting this Tuesday evening - 2 November at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome. Be assured there’s no pressure, no follow-up and no charge; it’s an open, informal, and honest space to explore.” For more information go to: or contact me

Blessings and Aroha

Mrs Bernadette Paulse

Director of Religious Studies

Check out what's been happening in our teams!

Team Bethlehem

The excitement and enthusiasm for our learning in Team Bethlehem has been amazing after the holidays.

The children have loved delving into all sorts of new Seesaw activities with a nursery rhyme theme. It has been such a pleasure for the teachers to see and hear how much fun the children are having with their learning. We have also enjoyed meeting for prayers as a team, praying the Rosary each day in October. We are so grateful that we can continue this tradition of prayer together, just as if we were at school.

Well done Team Bethlehem.

Keep up the good work!

Mrs Tanya Rowe (Team Leader)

Team Nazareth

Nazareth Experiences

We were so excited to welcome our students back after a two week break. Even though we would have loved to see them at school, we could actually sense the excitement of just seeing each other on the screen. Quickly they settled into the morning routine of praying the Rosary and as teachers we had to make sure that they were engaged in a prayerful way. Thank you to our parents for joining us and making sure the students had their rosaries every morning.

The big excitement at the moment is the engagement in fairy tales and students are using their wildest imagination to read and write about fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel. Then they are using their knowledge of Maths to build giants and castles using 3D shapes around the house. Students were also watching for birds in their gardens and reading about the Bird of the Year. Hopefully our Kotare, Kereru and Kea birds get a spot this year! Check out the video about Markuz Sitchon practising sprints on the pavement.

Sentences about Jack and the Beanstalk:

  1. Jack's mother was of medium height and she was about 34 years old. She was wearing a puffer jacket with farming ripped jeans. (Charlie Bower)
  2. He was very gentle and always spoke gently to his mum. (Zaidee Marikit)
  3. Jack was tired and sweaty when he climbed up the beanstalk because it was going up to the sky. (Giarn-Ruby Lee)

Sentences about Dragons and Mystery:

  1. What happens if a dragon eats something spicy? Smoke comes out their ears and they blow smoke. (Marian Celebre)
  2. There once was a dragon named Fire having a birthday party in the town. (Alex Al-Haddad)
  3. The mysterious girl uses her magic to make the witch disappear. (Pippa Browne)
  4. During the night the mythical creatures came soaring through the sky. They came from the spirit world and consisted of dragons, elves, fairies, unicorns and angels from god. (Iraia Sialeipata)

Sentences about Beauty and the Beast:

  1. You would never believe how strong the beast was and he also saved my life. (Zane Ruka)
  2. Dear Papa, when I went to get you from the castle, I did not like it. (Zachary Lai)

Mrs Bernadette Paulse (Team Leader / DRS)

St Anthony Of Padua - By George Mathew

Saint Anthony was born on 15th Aug 1195 at Padua in Lisbon. His childhood name was Fernando Martins. He studied in a local catholic school. In the age of 15, Fernando joined a monastery of St Vincent and studied theology.

Later when he became a monk he changed his name to St Anthony. On 13th June 1231 he died due to illness.

Within one year of his death he was canonised as St Anthony.

St Anthony of Padua, is considered as the patron saint of lost or stolen items.

Markuz practising sprints on the pavement

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Jerusalem Team

Me mahi tahi tatou mo te oranga o te katoa.

We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone.

This rings true today as we still find ourselves in lockdown, 2 weeks into Term 4. However, this has not dampened our spirits as we have had a successful start to the term by having the Rosary everyday. It's been great to see students eagerly participating during our online meetings by sharing their learning.

We have collected (unedited) student voices to share, with regards to their view of the lockdown.

This Lockdown has been hard because it has been going on for so long. I find online learning fun but I miss my friends and teachers a lot. We have had lots of fun family times in our lockdown, family walks and even karaoke. I enjoy spending time with my family during lockdown. Waking up every morning and hopping on zoom is exciting because you get to see your friends and teachers. I would call the morning the best part of the day. Even though we are in lockdown we are still very blessed because all our family and friends have kept healthy and are not affected by Covid - 19. By Kiara

Hi my name is Troy. These are some of the negatives of lockdown and the positives:

I think the positives of lockdown are you don’t have to do so much work. Also you don’t have to wake up really early, you can sleep in till 10am if you really wanted to. The negatives of lockdown are you can’t really see your friends, sometimes it gets quite boring at home all day. You don’t get to see anyone else other than your bubble. If you really wanted to get fast food you couldn’t, if you wanted to go outside near people and nature you can’t.

Pros & cons of lockdown by Enzo Collado

Lockdown has been good and bad. The good things are we get to exercise more often because we don’t have to go anywhere. Lockdown also enables us to spend more time at home with your family and get to know each other well, since we get bored stuck at home you are also allowed to take a walk so we can get more fresh air. In lockdown we get to sleep longer. The most important thing to say about lockdown is that we get to learn new chores and new talents. Now the bad stuff/cons is waking up late. It is also a con because when lockdown ends and we can go to school it will be hard to wake up early. In lockdown we can’t see our friends in person. We can only see them in our zoom meeting but it’s different when you see them in person, you have a much better feeling. This is the worst one of them all your parents are at risk of losing their job so then if they lose their job you might not have enough money to buy enough food. While we're in lockdown we can’t have birthday parties with lots of people and they have to be outside gatherings. We also can’t dine in with friends and family instead we have takeaways that are only limited to enjoy within your bubble.

My Lockdown Experience - By Jan Maglangit

Learning online is challenging, not being able to communicate with your peers doesn’t help with it. Lockdown has been a wild ride for me, first the sudden appearance of lockdown then the different style of learning! But you have to admit, there is good stuff that comes in with lockdown too, like not having to wake up early! The fun part about lockdown is meeting with your friends in call or zoom meetings because you are able to talk about what is happening and have fun too. Lockdown has trained me to be more independent and better alone, there are many ups and downs but it has always been fun.

Hi I am Varaidzo and I am going to tell you about my version on lockdown. Everyone has things they love and things they hate. For me I loved drawing and coloring all day long. And one of the things I hated was having to do my online work on a laptop. Personally I prefer writing in a book or anything that uses a pencil but I am slowly getting used to it. But it's sad knowing that Auckland might be in lockdown for Christmas if we get more cases. But let's hope that we can get out of lockdown soon so that we can see each other before the end of the year. Thank you for reading this paragraph on lockdown.

My Lockdown - Daniel Scott

My lockdown starts in week 4 of term 3, I was at home doing my homework and staying at home was quite boring. So I occupied myself by playing with my toys, playing games and having some outings with my family too. When the holidays came my family and I still had nothing to do, so we went around the neighbourhood a few times, and we also played in our backyard too. When the holidays came to an end we tried and made the most of it, we set up the pool and swam a few times (but it was freezing), and we played outside for a long time. After the holidays at the beginning of term 4 I had to get back into the swing of things and get some work done, so I set up my device and went on to google classroom and then I tried to get some work done before school starts.

Mrs Jelinda Adams (Acting Team Leader)

Audrey Kippen

'My Shadow' Audio By Maria Zanzottera (1) by Audrey Kippen

Pohutukawa - Story Time by Jamie Howarth

The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there was a young wolf who lived in the forest. He had a wonderful home - a cave on the side of a hill, surrounded by trees, a river and a waterfall. He was happy, and his pack all lived happily ever after.

Until one day… a team of pigs arrived in Wolf Hollow. They cut down all the trees, made the river all muddy and horrible. They had ruined Wolf Hollow. The wolves wanted to get revenge so they sent someone out to get the pigs. The wolf went out and decided to blow down their house and eat the three little pigs. So first he went to the straw house and with a huff and a puff he blew the house down, but the pig escaped to the brick house. Then he went to the stick house and with a huff and a puff and he blew the house down. The pig escaped to the brick house with the others. Then the wolf tried to blow the brick house down but it was too strong. He tried to go through the chimney but the pigs had the fireplace on.

The evil pigs cooked the wolf and ate him for dinner.

Pohutukawa - Story Time by Shaira Perez

Rapunzel (The witch's point of view)

(Narrator) Once upon a time there was a girl called Rapunzel-

(the witch) No, no, no, no, NO! This “story” has been told all wrong! I’ll tell you it the RIGHT way. It's MY turn to tell the tale NOW. HEHEHEHEHE!!!

Now I was minding my OWN BUSINESS and keeping my fingers to myself and I had nothing to do with royal Fibbergibbits. I was happily keeping myself young with this magic flower of mine, and I mean MINE! Of course I kept it to myself because of the ol’ power thing. Then I lived for many years and PLANED to live for many years to come because I treasure my life and I didn’t plan on losing it soon! But there goes the neighborhood, the queen got sick! Not that I cared anyhow. Just because she was pregnant It takes a LOT more than THAT to convince ME to feel sorry, HA! But the king refused to let her die and searched for my flower. THat dum-dum found it and used it all! For revenge AND to keep me young I stole his “little princess” and off I went and raised her. As you know I raised her and She grew up to be a beautiful and artistic princess. But you know how the (fake) story goes- (Narrator) Can I continue?

NO! So the thief came, yada yada yada yada to go see LANTERNS while I was trying to get that little traitor Rapunzel Shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you! (Inhales) a birthday present. Then she turned on me and found her parents and killed me! How cruel is that! I fed her, gave her a roof and a bed and even some extras and she killed me.

That’s the TRUE story of THE WITCH.


Come here you frog-faced blob of camel spit!


Paige's Science Experiment

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'Collage' from Kowhai

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Team Emmaus

With the beginning of Term 4 in lockdown, Emmaus are focusing on a Literacy Concept with Dr Suess as a warm up to the unit.

Emmaus have been applying figurative language to create their own 'Loosely Seuss' story. Dr Seuss has had an enormous effect on children's learning to read with fun, quirky stories and characters that attract children to his work. This was achieved by using alliteration, similes, metaphors and personification.

For Maths, the children used 'Green Eggs and Ham' to collate data and graph different aspects of the book. For example some children plotted the most frequently used words. They then needed to select a graph that would accurately represent this data. Collating the data was a big task but they learnt there were only 50 different words in the whole book. Dr Seuss was challenged by his publisher that he could not write a book with 50 words or less - he did.

We have also started a six week unit of creating a digital Emmaus Yearbook as a keepsake for the future. A competition is being held for the cover page and the back page. The children will complete two tasks each week about themselves and memories of the year we have had in Emmaus. It will be exciting to see the end result!

With so much time spent in our homes, the children were given the task of creating their dream bedroom - money was no object so they had a lot of fun creating their room on a graphic design programme. Not only did they need to navigate the programme, they also needed to work out the math scale from a drawing to a 'real life build'. Most children gave themselves a lot of space with ensuites and walk-in wardrobes.

I am pleased with the children's continuing effort with distance learning. They are showing resilience and managing of self that is impressive. Keep up the awesome mahi Emmaus!

Mrs Anneke Walker - (Emmaus Team Teacher)

Who Is Sue? by Alethia Beirne

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3D Bedroom by Tana Ama

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Three Eggs and Ham - By Joey Bajado

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Student Welcome

We offer a special welcome to Eli Ayres, Eloise Barry, Paige De Veyra, Ava Kilpatrick, Ashton Stephens and Autumn Valencia who started at St Mary's Catholic School this term.

We look forward to getting to know you and making you welcome at our school.

St Mary's Sacramental Programme 2022

'Rise+Shine' Josiah Mika Foundation

May Josiah Mika's legacy live on in our hearts, as well as the lives of the children he will be impacting through this amazing foundation. Please support this worthy cause.

Welcome to the Sports Desk

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Making The Most Of Lockdown

Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers

The videos on the links below provide an opportunity for your children to keep active and develop new skills across a few different sports. Little equipment is required for each activity and can be continued each day to challenge and progress further. Best wishes to all.

Play Pilates - Juniors

Play Pilates 1

Play Pilates 2

Play Pilates 3

Play Pilates 4

Soccer Skills

Individual skills advanced

Individual skills


Dribbling Fundamentals 1

Dribbling Fundamentals 2






Mr John Frings - Sports Co-ordinator

Why Should I Exercise?

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Road safety outside our school gates has been an ongoing concern for a few years now, especially at drop off and pick up times. We are very concerned about driver behaviour and speeding outside our gates. Auckland Transport have identified our school to be part of their project to change speed limits around schools in our area. Later in this newsletter you will find a flyer regarding these speed limit changes. Auckland Transport is inviting community members to provide feedback to them about these changes. This consultation process ends on 14 November. Please go to to provide your feedback online or email or call 09 3553553.

Mrs Audrey Kippen - Principal

& Mrs Anneke Walker - Road Safety Co-ordinator

Pop-Up Vaccination Centre at Rosehill College - Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October 2021

No Bookings Required - Just Turn Up Between 9am and 3pm

Please bring everyone in your whanau over 12 years of age to get a COVID vaccination.

Come along whanau! Once you get your COVID vaccination (it can be your first or second), you will receive some awesome kai, plus we have giveaways and spot prizes.

In partnership with Manurewa Marae, Counties Manukau DHB and Auckland Council with support from several different corporate and civic entities.

Rosehill College

5 Edinburgh Avenue


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The EcoMatters Bike Hubs have launched the 'Street Art Bike Challenge', a month-long photo treasure-hunt by bike, in which people are invited to look for street art across the Auckland region and share their photos with the hashtag #StreetArtBikeChallenge.

The challenge is part of Biketober, Auckland's annual festival of bicycle fun and will run from 1 – 31 October 2021.

The challenge is a family-friendly event, all ages can enjoy while adhering to Covid-19 restrictions and physical distancing.

Event Website:

For more information, please telephone: Bailey Gorst, EcoMatters Environment Trust, Project Manager - 021 0873 4668

Te Reo - Phrase of the Week

He tino pai hoki koe! - You're very good!

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Upcoming Events Week 3, Term 4 2021

Week 3:

Monday 1st November

All Saints Day - Celebrated Online in Teams

Thursday 4th November

All Souls Day - 12:15pm - Whole School Online Liturgy (tbc)

Friday 5th November

School Athletics - CANCELLED

Friday 5th November

9am - 12 noon - St Mary's College Orientation Day - (tba)

Catholic Diocese of Auckland - Executive Officer Position

We are seeking a highly capable and experienced Executive Officer. Our Executive Officer will provide executive support in governance, legal, property, finance, treasury, human resources, risk and compliance as well as supporting the General Manager on strategic projects and initiatives. It’s a busy and very interesting role working with a great team of people. The role will assist our GM to collaboratively manage the leadership team.

While handling strategic and operating information with integrity and confidentiality, you will have the experience to prioritise tasks that change frequently. Of course, strong skills in most of these applications is important - MS word, Excel, SharePoint, Mailchimp, Infoodle and PowerPoint. Our senior team is also advanced in their use of these applications.

We’re looking for a people person with great communication, relationship and administration skills. Sound judgement, accountability, discretion, initiative and the ability to work autonomously, efficiently and professionally are essential for the success of this position and its reputation.

Please visit the Diocesan website to view the full advertisement and position description. Applications are via SEEK and close on 3 November.

Have Your Contact Details Changed?

Please remember to let the school office know of any changes in your contact details i.e. postal address, telephone/mobile and/or email address. Thank you.

Please visit our school website for information about our little gem of a school.

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Please remember to download our school APP to receive regular updates and reminders.

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St Mary's Parish, Papakura - Contact

Parish Priest - Fr James Mulligan

52 East Street, Papakura 2110

Parish Office - (09) 299 6056

Presbytery - (09) 298 5134

Email: /

Facebook - search: St Mary's Parish Catholic Church Papakura

Preference Certificates to be signed at the Parish Office

Thursdays Only from 10 a.m. - 12 noon AND 4 - 6 p.m. - No Appointment Necessary

The Uniform Shoppe - SAS Sport Limited

Term 4 - Summer Uniforms. Please ensure children have the correct footwear which are either sandals or black school shoes. Children also need to wear a regulation school hat.

Uniforms are available for purchase from the SAS Sport shop located at 28B Wood Street, Papakura. The shop hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. AND Saturdays 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Shop Telephone: 296 6063 - or visit: and click 'shop online'. WINZ Quotes are available through SAS Sport. Caps ($16) and 'Scrunchies' ($2) are available through the school office. PLEASE ENSURE ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY NAMED. THANK YOU.

See the Uniform Price List below (which is also posted on our school website):

MusIQhub Music Lessons

At St Mary's Catholic School - SIGN UP NOW for Term Three 2021! Our friends at MusIQhub are happy to announce that there will be new spaces available this term for Drum, Piano/Keyboard, Guitar and Ukulele lessons during school hours! Also, there will be Singing, Recorder and Flute lessons available! Please enquire now to book in spaces for quality music lessons taught by experienced professional musicians.

Drums, Piano/Keyboard, Singing, Recorder and Flute - Paul Barry 022 198 0044


Guitar and Ukulele - Lih Foo 021 2076 231



Term 4, 2021 - Monday 18th October to Wednesday 15th December 2021

Term Dates 2022 - PLEASE ADD TO YOUR 2022 CALENDAR

Term 1 - Tuesday 8th February - Thursday 14th April 2022

Term 2 - Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July 2022

Term 3 - Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September 2022

Term 4 - Monday 17th October - Friday 16th December 2022


Teacher Call-Back Day

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

ACCORD Teacher Only Days

Thursday 3rd February 2022

Friday 4th February 2022

Monday 27th June 2022


Auckland Anniversary

Monday 31st January 2022

Waitangi Day

Sunday 6th February 2022

Observed: Monday 7th February 2022


Good Friday - 15th April 2022

Easter Monday - 18th April 2022

Easter Tuesday - 19th April 2022


Monday 25th April 2022


Monday 6th June 2022


Friday 24th June 2022


Monday 24th October 2022

Scholastic Books - Ordering On-Line

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Please open the link below, then click on 'Order Here' and register to create an account.

Once you register, instructions will be displayed on the screen.

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