The Abdulaziz Times


Missing one thing!

As the Days go on the Arabs regret spending pointless dollars on fancy buildings and monuments wasting their oil profits on everything but a military but now it is too late Iran has started war over oil with Saudi Arabia

The Super power Saves the day?

After Iran tries to invade Saudi Arabia the United States of America instantly jump aboard to help out their oil rich friends. But was is to late for Saudi Arabia to get back on their feet? The US has the land on lock down but continues to harvest oil.

Women are put to work!

The United States is now commanding the government as this war is still questionable and is preparing Saudi Arabia for war. In the process of doing this they have finished what they have tried to do in the past. they have built factories for ammunition and guns and have forced all the women to run these factories as this is not how they planned to gain their rights but it is a start