La Escuelita TK-8 UPDATES

Monday, March 7, 2016

This Week

This WEEK:

Monday: Earthquake and Evacuation/Fire Drill 9:00 am

Week of March 7: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday: School Site Council (SSC) 5:00 pm

UPCOMING: Our students in grades 3-7 will take SBAC after the Spring Break in April. I will send you information to access practice questions to use during your "DO NOW" or other times of the day. Together let's create a positive and encouraging testing environment for our students. An environment of ...."We Can!" We want our students to be confident test takers and to set them on a course of preparation for future exams in High School, College, Career, and beyond!

2: 30 pm Wednesday Professional Learning

2:30 pm Professional Learning:

Grades TK-2: We will come together to share progress on focal Students and plan for the next cycle.

Grades 3-7: Setting a "We Can" Spirit. SBAC Preparation and Information

Class Meetings/Restorative Practices

This month's character trait: Responsibility


During rainy days we will use the schedule below. There will be an announcement from the office when we are on the rainy day schedule.

Rainy Day Lunch Schedule

TK-1 11:30-12:00

2-4 12:00-12:30

4/5-7 12:30-1:00