Marine Biologist

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Job Description

The job duties in marine biology is working with octopus or squid.You can also do field work and find animals your looking for.Also you can write grant proposals and fill out forms.You can also do research on many different animals.


A marine biologist has a salary from 45 to 110 dollars.Education is the key to increase your salary.There are also degrees and certifications that will also increase your salary and make you a valuable employee.Education is a good strategy for a successful career as a marine biologist.


The places you can go to for schooling is campus study program,SEA semester,and Ph.D.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

Seeing and helping the animals such as squid,octopus,whales,dolphins,and sea turtles.


The advantages as a marine biologist is helping animals,research,and don't have a daily routine.The disadvantages are to fill out forms,often don't have a paycheck,and a 60 hour work week is typical.You also get to choose to study a single species.

Interesting facts

To understand marine organisms and their behaviors completely,marine biologists need to have a basic understanding of other aspects or "disciplines" of oceanography,such as chemical oceanography, physical oceanography,and geological oceanography.