Endless Universe

Enjoy a endless adventure in outerspace

3 days of each planet - Nine days of adventure It only costs $500,00

facts: the moon is just basically made out of rock and it is 4500 years old

Visit The Moon!

1st trip The Moon!

Come and experience what it is like to float in outer space and also get five star accommodation. Experience Magical wonders of the moon and outer space.

Time squcedual for the moon

8:00 - departure

9:00 - enjoy an amazing flight to outer space.

It only takes 5 hours due to our specialized space ship. Whilst your waiting;

there is a space craft tour, a cinema room (the best of the best movies) a romantic restaurant and luxury accommodation. everything that you ever asked for! its worth it.

2:00 - Arrive on the moon

2:40 - Put your gravity suits on, we are going on an adventure on to the moon. For 2 hours

4:40 - Enjoy a five star dinner from our most professional chefs.

And lots more

Time squcedual for Mars

day 6

9:00 - departure

enjoy 3 more days of gun in mars

also unlimited mars bars will be included

Lucky last Mars

With 5 star accomitdation all the way. Its going to be HOT, HOT, HOT so get your tan on and enjoy the lovely hot weather.

Time squcedual for Jupiter

Lucky last

On the 3rd night we will be traveling to Jupiter and will be passing the milky way. (unlimited Milky way bars available)

Wake up early to see the magical stars also have dinner under the stars.


3nd trip

Go on the most amazing adventure to Jupiter it will be the best experience of your life time!

last day; in the morning we will arrive with a soft landing down to earth

you tube video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_RAEESmsrs see this link to learn more about outer space and the solar system