Kylie Herndon

a gummy bear lover

Some stuff about ME :D

“Wait… “YOU HAVE GUMMY BEARS!” Aubree my cousin nodded her head and opened the palm of her hand. Thats when i saw it, a precious gummybear. I took the gummy bear as fast as i could before she took it back and i smiled, we both know anytime we see a gummy bear it must be ours, but of course we most likely have to buy it. Anyway i'm Kylie and as you can tell i like gummy bears… like i love gummy bears, you never know i might jump off a cliff for a HUGE EPIC ONE… but thats highly unlikely to ever happen. But the other thing about me is well, most people think i’m a little hyper and crazy especially about gummy bears and sugar, but i am a neon chick to and what most people don't know about me is i like to listen and to rap its just something i think is fun and it lets out everything when you mad. My favorite singer is obviously Eminem me and mom like to listen to his songs in the car its really fun! Now lets get to the family, I basically am an only child but i do have some half sisters and some half brothers, For example Tanya is

13 but we have the same dad not mom