No Being Patriotic in America?

Gracie Davis

Student Suspended at Harrison High School

On Friday, March 30, a student in 9th grade at Harrison High School, Philip Malloy, was suspended for humming the Star Spangled Banner. "I was just being patriotic." Says 14 year old, Philip. "She kicked me out for singing." The teacher that did this was Miss. Narwin. "Miss. Narwin doesn't like me." Another quote from Phillip Malloy.

I have looked into this case and I spoke the superintendent of the school board, Dr. Albert Seymour. "Of course there is no rule against students singing the Star Spangled Banner." "That is absurd." "The answer is no. There is no rule." All quotes directly from Dr. Albert Seymour.

Next, I spoke to the principal of Harrison High School, Dr. Gertrude Doane. "Discipline problems are usually handled by the assistant principal." Said Dr. Doane who had no clue about the situation until I spoke to her about it. "You've only just informed me about this situation." "A student would not run into difficulty by singing the Star Spangled Anthem." She also said.

The fourth person I spoke to about this incident was Dr. Joseph Palleni, the assistant principal of Harrison High School. He said "I did no such thing as to suspend Philip Malloy." Phillip and his parents say the opposite. "Did you say singing?" Said Dr. Palleni after I asked if he would keep a student from singing the Star Spangled Banner. "I always keep her informed." He is talking about Dr. Doane, who he did not keep inform about this situation.

Lastly, I spoke to Miss. Narwin, the teacher that kicked Philip out of her class for singing. She is an English teacher at the High School and was Philip's homeroom teacher. "The boy was creating a disturbance in my class." She said. "We have a rule." Although Dr. Seymour says otherwise. Miss. Narwin also said "Yes" when I asked her is the boy was dismissed from her class for singing.

In my opinion, I think that the boy, Philip, should not have been suspended from school for singing the Star Spangled Banner. He was being patriotic and he lives in America. If you would like to hear more about this story go online at

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