Final Project

College and Career Ready

My personality Type

Personality type: ENTJ

Traits that characterize me: Self confident, Natural leader, Decisive, good verbal communication skills, likes thing orderly.

Famous People with the same Personality type: Joseph Stalin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar and Bill Gates.

Holland Code

Type: RIA

This Mean I and a Realist, Investigative,Artistic

Some Careers best suited for me are, Sheriff and deputy, Dental Hygienist, Surgical Tech and a Stone Mason.

Colleges that interest me and have the major im looking for are, University At Albany, Morrisville State University, Cazenovia College, SUNY Potsdam and SUNY Plattsburg.

The Job out look for a Police officer or state trooper is at a steady rate as of 2015.

Skills that are necessary for my career choice are, Good communication Skills, Patience, realists and Good Manors.

Ultimate Career Goal! And Future Dreams!

My Ultimate career goal is to become a State Trooper, that is my goal.

A realistic dream I have for my future is...

  • Become Chief of the department I am in one day.
  • Pay off any student loans I have and be debt free ( I'm not applying for any loans its just a backup if scholarships don't work out),
  • Graduate college with flying colors.
  • Get accepted to the first academy I apply for,
  • Become financially stable when i'm out of college