Regional Profile of the U.S.

The Northeast

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Physical Characteristics

  • This region includes nine states, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont,New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode island, and Pennsylvania, all located in the northeastern United States. This region is know for its distinct landscape beauty, the coastlines of Maine, the Niagra Falls in New York, or the gorgeous trees of New England's fall. The Northeast also contains multiple world famous cities, like New York City, Philadelphia, or Boston.
  • Compared to other regions in the U.S. the Northeast has few natural resources, its rocky soil and steep hills make farming a challenge , and apart from coal reserves in Pennsylvania this region has few mineral resouces. However, there is one resource that allowed the northeastern region to develop into the center of trade, commerce, and industry it is today and that's its waters. Since the Colonial U.S. the people of the Northeast have participated in fishing and commerce. Its rocky and jagged shoreline provided natural harbors used by merchant ships sailing to and from different regions of the world. And the swift rivers powered machinery and created energy.


  • This region gets around 30- 35 inches of precipitation annually, combined with the steep hills that inhibited farming in the Northeast keeps the rivers of the Northeast flowing swiftly, causing a growth in industry
  • The early settlers of the region built their businesses close to rivers and waterfalls, so as to use the water to power machinery and create energy.
  • This regions river valleys served as trade routes, railroad routes, and as modern highway routes for the Northeast
  • By the 1900s the Northeast was one of the worlds most productive manufacturing regions


  • The Northeast is a major center of immigration, causing much cultural convergence, therefore the Northeast's culture is a blend of many cultures.
  • In certain place along the Atlantic coast there was a boom in italian immigrants, and so there is major italian cultural influences in certain areas
  • Since the Northeast gets a lot of immigrants certain places have arose in different cities where a particular culture has taken over, ie Chinatown, Little Italy.

New York

The population of New York in 2014 was 19,746,227 people and the overall land area of New York is 47, 300. The state of New York has 27 representatives and its 2 senators are Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. The governor of New York is Andrew Cuomo.

A cool fact is that until 1664, New York was known as New Amsterdam because of the arrival of Dutch settlers. In 1664, the area of New Netherlands, containing New Amsterdam, was conquered by British colonists, who renamed the city New York.


The population of Massachusetts in 2013 was 6,692,824 and the total land area of the state is 7,840 sq miles. Massachusetts has 10 representatives and its 2 senators are Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey. The governor of Massachusetts is Charlie Baker. An interesting fact is that the telephone, made by Alexander Graham Bell, was first exhibited in Massachusetts.