Evans' Explorers Update

Sept. 7th, 2015-Keeping you informed and up to date!

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I need more blue and orange fans. I'm being taken over by the other team!!

Innisbrook Gift Wrap Sales

Thank you for supporting BPES Gift Wrap sales. Even purchasing a small amount yourself helps our school.
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Clean up day at Bluff Park Elementary is Saturday, Spetember 12th. We will begin at 8 a.m. and end at noon. Students that attend will receive a free homework pass. Be sure to find Mrs. Evans and let her know you are here.

Take Home Folder/Spelling

Your child should have given you a Take home folder they received on Friday. You will find several grades from online assessments or homework. Two of those grades are Week one and two of Spelling as well as the Reading Rewards grade for this last week. If your child received less than an 80 for either of the tests, they may choose to re-take one of them this week. If you child received an 80 or better on both of them, they will have the week off of spelling. Be sure to sign the green Conduct page and return the graded papers attached. One signature on the front will let me know you looked through it all. If you see anything that has the word "Correct" on it, please go back over the work with your child and have them correct it. Thank you.

Chaperones Needed

We are walking to the firestation on Friday, September 11th at 8:45 and will be gone for about 45 minutes to an hour. If you would like to walk with us, please let me know. Since our classes are bigger, I would like to take two parents if possible. Our SRO officer will be walking with us as well. Just e-mail me if you can join us. Thank you.


I apologize for those of you that had your kids work so long on IXL on Thursday night. I had forgotten that some of the lessons take awhile to get through. Never let your kids work more than 20-30 minutes on any one part of homework. If after working that long, write me a note and let me know what happened. Homework in fourth grade should not last more than 40-50 minutes. If it is taking a lot longer, we need to discuss what else might be happening.(in this case, teacher error) I recommend students do homework in the same spot each night and have the same time or similar times to do their homework. If your child is playing sports and is not doing homework until late in the evening, they most likely will not be able to concentrate and do their best.

Sleep is IMPORTANT!!

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If your child does not have headphones or earbuds at school, please purchase some ASAP, or send me a note that you will not be able to do so. We use them almost every day. Taking them back and forth does not work. We have already had a few break. Students can have an extra pair at home, but the ones for school must stay at school.

Thank you!

Thank you to those of you that have sent in items from my wish list. We are really enjoying the birds at our feeder and Ella Grace and Brant have both helped supply us with food for awhile. If you would like to donate to our classroom, you can see my wishlist on Amazon here: http://amzn.com/w/HCBV58RUR5OV


I am always available by e-mail. If you have specific questions and you would like a conference, e-mail me and we will find a time to meet. Thanks for all you do to help your children have a successful time at school. We are off to a great start. I have really enjoyed getting to know your kids. I hope they are talking about school with you. Have a great week.