EL Quarterly Update

Jan 2021

Meet Your MCS EL Teachers

Our EL Team is growing to meet the diverse needs of our EL student population. Every school now has at least one full time EL teacher working daily with EL students, communicating with families and sharing best practices with teachers.

Translating and Interpreting Services

Meeting The Needs of Our Diverse Population

Madison City School District families speak over 86 languages with Spanish being the

second largest language after English. Over 16% of Madison City English Learners and their

families speak Spanish, followed by 8% speaking Chinese, 7% Korean, Japanese , Arabic 6% Vietnamese , 3% Russian, Gujarati, and Telugu, 2% Hindi, and many other

languages with 1% or less of the MCS student population.

The district continues to support its growing language diversity through contract interpreting and translation services. Staff is utilizing a "Talking Points" app that can automatically translate text messages sent to or received from families of EL students. All school staff has been trained in recognizing the needs of students with language barriers. Additionally, the District has enlisted a contract with Foreign Language Services for large documents and legal language needs. This service can even provide interpreters via virtual conferences.

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ACCESS For ELLs State Assessment

All EL students will have an opportunity to demonstrate his or her English language development growth as they take the ACCESS for ELLs State Assessment test beginning Feb 1, 2021. Students have been working hard with their classroom teachers and meeting regularly with their EL teachers focusing on the areas of reading, speaking, listening and writing in all disciplines. ACCESS scores will be available at the end of May.

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