What's Geddit all about?

Geddit enables your students to evaluate their own confidence and understanding, and reflect it back to you in real time. Let's get started with Geddit in your classroom!

Create a lesson.

Start a lesson right away, or use Geddit with your lesson plan. You can create questions to validate your students' understanding at key points. When your students arrive and you're ready to begin, start a lesson with Geddit.

Introduce a new idea.

Geddit enables you to monitor the confidence of your students as you teach content. With this information you can adjust your teaching to suit the particular needs of each student in your class.

Check student confidence.

Comparing student responses to questions with their reported confidence helps you get a deeper insight into their progress.

Attention Requests.

Students may ask for individual attention by sending an attention request, a private raised hand visible only to you. These can be addressed and cleared as you feel appropriate.

Review your lesson.

Geddit helps you remember what happened in your classroom, so you can better prepare for your next lesson. Keep track of where your students struggled and where they excelled, so you can best respond to their needs.

The Geddit Team

Geddit is a small team of people who are passionate about technology and education. If you would like more information, or just to get in touch, please drop us an email or visit our website!