The Bottle of Notes

Central Gardens, Middlesbrough, England

Background History

Commissioned June 1988 by Middlesbrough Borough Council, with funding from Northern Arts and grants from the Arts Council of Great Britain and other sources. It was installed September 1993 and inaugurated September 1993. The Bottle of Notes was constructed by Clause took 5 years to construct.

Artist Statement

They made this artwork to oppose the depressing scenery when they visited England. They made this art to acomadate to the kiln workshop that used to be at the site. They also did this because Captian Cook was born here and Edgar Allen Poe's work inspired to make it into a bottle of notes.
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My thoughts

I think it was a really good sculpture. It has meaning, and many different ideas put together. There are words that are meant to contrast the depressing scene around it.

By Roman Waldman