by Ursula Poznanski

It's a game. It watches you.

Nick is average 16 year old boy living in London. He acquires a video game under secretive circumstances. As he begins to play the game, he gets sucked into a world of adventure, excitement, and danger. He doesn't realize what he is getting himself into before it's too late. As time goes on, he starts to become a slave to it. If you don't go by the rules, you are kicked out. Erebos controls his and everyone in the town's actions, and before they know it, they're playing for their lives.


Nick - A 16 year old boy, who gets addicted playing the game Erebos

Colin - Nick's friend at school and on Erebos

Jamie - Nick's friend who finds Erebos suspicious

Emily - Nick's crush who is also against Erebos

Brynne - A girl who introduced Nick the game Erebos

Messenger with the yellow eye - The admin for Erebos

Erebos by Ursula Poznanski book trailer