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Starting date: 07.09.2022

Ending date: 06.08.2023

European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC)

As a volunteer, the European Solidarity Corps lets you learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing skills or acquire new ones for your personal, educational or professional development.

The volunteering service offers you:

- Free accommodation: a single room in a flat shared with other volunteers.

- Pocket money (€155 per month).

- Money for food expenses (€155 per month).

- Local transport to get to your volunteer activities.

- Arrival and midterm training (midterm evaluation).

- Private medical insurance that will cover all the expenses not covered by the public health system (health, accident and civil liability insurance).

- Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia at the beginning of the project and from Murcia to your place of residence once the project is finished.

- Visa and residence permit fees (if required).

About the volunteer project

Start date: 07.09.2022

End date: 06.08.2023

The schedule of volunteer activities will be between 25 and 35 hours per week.

In the Organization there are currently several work camps, some fields in which volunteers can participate:

Training Activities

Training actions complementary to the growth process of the people in the group, such as basic skills (mathematics, linguistic, cultural, social, artistic, ICT), promotion of reading, etc., aimed at providing tools and skills in everyday life.

Activities of Reception and Social Accompaniment

Volunteers can support the process of acquiring autonomy for personal and social development by accompanying the process of incorporation of new participants or in the development of personal management.

Leisure and Free Time Activities

They are expected to support the organization on meeting activities that favor participation and social awareness through shared free time, especially with people living in the Community, provided that the health emergency situation allows it. In these spaces, the participation of volunteers with sensitivity and willingness to share with people living in the Community will also be encouraged, even trying to promote it from the volunteers themselves:

- Meetings, games and sport

- Video forum

- Thematic workshops

- Departures and excursions

- Reading Group and Theatre Group (the latter without activity since March 2019 due to COVID).

Environmental Recovery Activities

The environmental activity that is developed ranges from collections, waste management and sales of reused products. Throughout this process, volunteers can collaborate. From the Collection with the trucks, the classification, the workshop of restoration or repair for reuse, or the spaces of sale and attention to the public. Participating in the process of reducing, recycling and reusing.

Communication and Awareness Raising Activities

Support in the development of awareness-raising activities such as guided tours of our facilities, fairs, stands, participation in talks and debates on the activity of Traperos de Emmaus and the social responsibility that we have as citizens in the fight against social exclusion.

Our volunteer will also participate in the following activities:

- Promotion of European projects and programs and mobility among young people in the Region of Murcia, as well as among the users of our organization.

- Participation in workshops and presentations of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program in youth organizations, secondary schools in the city of Murcia and the University of Murcia.

Our volunteering project seeks to promote the values promoted by the EU and the ETUC Programme, such as solidarity, equality, justice, respect, the fight against exclusion and xenophobia, etc.

Accommodation and maintenance

The volunteers who participate in our project will live in a flat located in the center of the city of Murcia together with other volunteers who carry out their volunteer project in other organizations in Murcia.

The flat will be rented by the Euroaccion Association, the coordinating organization of this project. Each volunteer will have his/her own room to guarantee privacy and space. The coordinating organization will pay the rent of the apartment and the bills on a monthly basis, to free the volunteers from these tasks.

This project is funded by the European Commission and covers, in addition to accommodation, the costs of food, pocket money and local transport. This money will be managed by the volunteer in a free and independent way.

About Traperos de Emaús Murcia

Traperos de Emaús Region de Murcia is a non-profit association, with more than 25 years of experience in the Region of Murcia and registered as a Social Services Center. We belong to the international Emmaus movement, which is present in 41 countries and brings together some 425 groups worldwide. Since its establishment in Murcia, it has developed the activity of collection, reuse and recycling of objects and materials from the garbage, being pioneers and specialists in the door-to-door household collection of bulky goods, in the management focused on the preparation for reuse and in the sale of second-hand items recovered. In 2005, he created the insertion company Traperos Recicla, which provides work to people at risk or in a situation of exclusion, who begin their reintegration process.

Traperos de Emmaus is a secular collective, in which there is freedom of belief and expression. The aim of the organization is to participate in the construction of a fairer and egalitarian society, bringing a personal commitment to personal, social and professional growth, developing ways of working that are more compatible with life and the environment and analyzing and denouncing situations of injustice.

The overall objective of the Association's Programme is to foster the personal, social and employment recovery process of people suffering from social exclusion, in high-risk situations and/or those who are particularly vulnerable. This is achieved through comprehensive individualized processes, flexible strategies using innovative and personalized training and insertion in the workplace.

The Association's staff comes from different areas: social workers, health workers, environmental technicians, psychologists, technicians, etc. We are a group of 50 people at risk of exclusion, those who are already excluded and the people who help them in their recovery process. The technical team is composed of 15 people responsible for coordinating the different areas of the Association. The volunteer will support the team in the different activities carried out.

The people enrolled in this programme are people at risk of social exclusion or people with special difficulties, many of them in situations of vulnerability as a result of the socio-economic crisis. Some participating groups include: homeless people, young people at risk of social exclusion, Roma, people released from prison, people with drug and alcohol addiction problems and victims of other addictions in rehabilitation, victims of domestic violence, single parents with children, people with employment and training deficiencies, long-term unemployed, people with great difficulty in finding employment, people with physical and/or mental disabilities, people with mental health problems and other illnesses.

Volunteer profile

This project is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old who have not participated in any European volunteering project (EVS or ESC) before.

Our association will prioritize the selection of young people with fewer opportunities, young people who face geographic, economic and/or educational barriers.

We look for in the volunteer:

- Interest in working with groups at risk of social exclusion, homeless people, drug addicts, minorities, etc.

- Social skills, communication and conflict resolution skills.

- Open to working with people from other cultures and religions.

- Skills to stimulate group dynamics.

In addition, motivation and maturity will also be qualities that we will value very positively.

No young person willing to participate in our project will be excluded for any reason (economic difficulties, social or geographical obstacles, cultural or ideological differences, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, gender identity and sex, etc.).

If you are interested send your CV and cover letter to noemi.euroaccion@gmail.com with the subject VOLUNTEER IN TRAPER@S DE EMAÚS

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