NB Grade 3

Your personal guide to Mr.Morandi and Ms.LaRoche's class!

This week in MATH with Mr.Morandi

This week in math we will continue module 5 of our Engage NY mathematics program. This week we will continue to cover the following:

-Label and partition a whole into equal parts. Identify and count unit fractions.

-Represent parts of a whole as fractions with number bonds.

-Build and write fractions greater than one whole using unit fractions

Check out the YouTube videos below to better understand what we do in class! This is a great resource for homework help!

http://youtu.be/41Xbh0g2zvg Lesson 8

http://youtu.be/q2yPLo5Emys Lesson 9

https://youtu.be/ymX8ni0aCwU Lesson 10

https://youtu.be/ceT49ZKQ-7w Lesson 11

This week in ELA with Ms.LaRoche

As a third grade we have started in on our Nonfiction unit and the five different text structures found within. Based on topics that the students have shown interest in, we will begin book clubs within this nonfiction genre.


This week in FUNdations, we will be working in Unit 9. In this unit we are looking at r controlled vowels and the exceptions to the rules.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

Please remember to continue to send in box tops with your child's homeroom teacher's name on it.

April book orders are due online by April 30.

April 13- field trip to the Quabbin Resevoir.

April 18-22- April vacation

Homework (due every Friday)

Math: Lesson 8 homework

ELA: Weekly reading log

Spelling: Three times each

Spelling words written in sentences

Grade 3 Supplies Wishlist

It's that time of the year... Our classroom supplies are getting low and we would greatly appreciate any donations! Here's a list of what we need:



Clorox disinfectant wipes

Whiteboard markers

Specialist Schedule

Mr. Morandi:

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Gym

Wednesday- Music

Thursday - Gym

Friday- No Special (Library)

Ms. LaRoche:

Monday- No Special (Library)

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Gym

Thursday- Art

Friday- Gym

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