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February 2016

Groundhog Day

by Chaarvi

Groundhog Day is celebrated throughout America and Canada. It is celebrated on February 2nd because the Groundhog Day is related to Candlemas Day, which is a European holiday and Candlemas Day is on February 2nd. Groundhog Day's meaning is: the groundhog will come out of its hole and, if the groundhog sees its shadow, then it will predict 6 more weeks of winter. If the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, then it will predict that spring will be here soon.

Candlemas Day is like the same thing, except it is a European celebration. Candlemas Day means if the day is fair and sunny then the rest of the winter will be very cold and stormy. If the day was very cloudy, then the winter will be sunny and beautiful and spring will come early.

Source: Punxsutawney Phyllis

Author: Susanna Leonard Hill

Football Trivia

by Samuel









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Football Fiction

by Ravi

‘The Star Spangled Banner’ was sung just before the Super Bowl started. “Boom”,the gun went off to start the game. It was a tight game: Steelers against Cowboys. As Running Back Le’Veon Bell got the ball, all of the coaches’ Surface tablets exploded! A frog croaked on Tony Romo’s head and as he swatted it, he got zapped with an ultrasonic beam.Pieces of Pancetta rained as the players gobbled them up. It was a crazy Super Bowl! Vince Williams was yelling at the coaches and accusing them of causing the hubbub. Dr. Doofenshmirtz got his tiltinator and tilted the whole football field! At last, confetti fell from a large confetti machine. No one won that Super Bowl, but everyone had more fun than in any other Super Bowl. Even today no one has found out who started that ruckus.

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Teacher Interviews

by Alex, Bella, and Irene

We went to 4th &5th grade teachers and interviewed them on why they like teaching elementary school. This is what we ended up with:

Mr. Bhattacharyya, 5th grade teacher

1. What is your favorite subject to teach?

Math & Science

2.What do you do in your free time (that is non school-related)?

Play games & read

3.Why do you enjoy teaching Elementary school?

I like working with kids this age.

4.What is the hardest thing to do as a teacher?

Grading all the papers.

Ms. Kim, 5th grade teacher

1. What is your favorite subject to teach?


2.What do you do in your free time (that is non school-related)?

Read, bake, watch movies

3.Why do you enjoy teaching Elementary school?

Getting to know the kids,build relationships with them

4.What is the hardest thing to do as a teacher?

Staying organized

Mrs. Wright, 4th grade teacher

1. What is your favorite subject to teach?


2.What do you do in your free time (that is non school-related)?

I like I go to baseball games

3.Why do you enjoy teaching Elementary school?

I like to spend time with the kids.

4.What is the hardest thing to do as a teacher?

Getting it all done.

Mrs. Rauert, 4th grade teacher

1. What is your favorite subject to teach?


2.What do you do in your free time (that is non school-related)?

Hanging out with family and friends either watching our kiddos play outside or going to eat.

3.Why do you enjoy teaching Elementary school?

I like building relationships and capturing the kids hearts.

4.What is the hardest thing to do as a teacher?

Keeping the workload at school

Mr. Raney, 4th grade teacher

1.What is your favorite subject to teach?

Texas History

2.What do you in your free time (that is non school related)?


3.Why do you enjoy teaching elementary school?

Kids are still excited to learn.

4. What is the hardest thing to do as a teacher?

grading all the papers.


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The Adventure--a Fan Fiction Piece

by Chaarvi

One day Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, went to sleep and they woke up to find themselves somewhere they had never been before. It looked like a mini house that fit them and it looked like it cost a lot of money. They spent a whole day just trying to find out where they were. Suddenly, everyone heard a loud breeze and fear went flying across the room. Everyone ran to the door, to find Anger holding the door knob to the door that led outside. They looked outside and saw a beautiful city; they decided they would go and explore the city. They saw a bunch of houses and a lot of buildings. They went inside a building, and saw some people that looked like them, holding baskets with lots of things in them. Joy was jumping up and down to see what everyone was doing! She saw some money and walked over to a cashier to ask where they were. She went to go ask him and he said, “The grocery store” in an annoyed way. She turned to find everyone and tell them, and realized she did not know where they were. She walked over to the vegetable section where they had been. They were not there! Over at the ice cream section, Fear and Anger were craving for some . Suddenly, Fear realized that Joy was not with them. Oh no! He made Anger get really mad, and there was fire everywhere! The fire fighters rushed to the ice cream section and sprayed water everywhere. Unfortunately, when the commotion happened, Joy thought that everyone was outside where they woke up, so she did not know about the fire. But when she got outside, she couldn’t find them. Meanwhile, back at the grocery store, Disgust told everyone about how the fire started and how Anger got mad. They said that they were going to clean up, and they told Anger never to do that again. They decided that they would go home and that Joy was probably there. When they got home they found Joy, and they got so excited. So, Disgust, Fear, and Joy went to the shop... well, here was the problem, they had no idea where the shop was. So they just went to any building they could see. The first building they went to was very big! They tried to get inside, but it kept on saying please insert card. So, eventually they gave up, and they did not care anymore. They walked to a building next to it. That place looked like the building they were in before. But when they pulled the door to open the building, it was locked. On the door it said, “Closed because of fire.” It was the same place! It took a really long time for them to figure out where they were and even when they thought they figured it out they still really did not know where they were. They thought that they were in someone's head when they were really in a city called Emotion City, when they went around town to ask people where they were and most of the people just sighed and walked away. They finally realized they wanted to find a way to get out of here. They set off on a journey at night to finally figure out where they were and how to get out of there. When they walked for 7 hours, it was near 4:00 am and they had to find a place where they could go and sleep in. Suddenly there was a huge dragon that started blowing fire right in their faces. It was huge!! Fear ran all around the place. The dragon thought that they were playing chase and he ran after Fear. Fear screamed “AHHHHHH! Help me!” But when he looked back Disgust,Joy, Sadness, and Anger were not there. Suddenly Fear blinked, and he opened his eyes and he was in Riley's head! Fear said “Are we still being chased by the dragon?” “What?” everyone said. When he finally realized where he was he said “Bad dream, sorry.” “Huh?” everyone said in confusion. “It is a long story, I will tell you later.”

Characters are from the movie: “Inside Out”!!

Girl Scouts

by Alex and Bella

Juliette Low founded Girl Scouts in 1912. In the 1920s Girl Scouts slowly expanded all over the world. She changed the world by starting this unique club for girls!

Girl Scouts has different programmed levels starting with Daisies, named after Juliette Low’s childhood nickname. Then as you get older, you move on to Brownie, then Juniors, and so on.

In Girl Scouts, it is all about having fun! The troops are girl led. Some troops go on many field trips, others not so much. In Girl Scouts, we go camping, make s’mores, play games and earn badges for it all!

There are many various badges for many different things we accomplish as a troop. I even got a badge that said “rained out” while collecting food for those in need.


Wadsworth, Ginger The Life of Juliette Gordon Low

B.C. Basketball League

by Samuel

My team, the Warriors, has only lost one game. All of the Brushy Creek League's jerseys are black and white. One team puts their jersey inside out to go to white, and the other goes right side in for black. There are eight minutes per quarter.

Every basketball game is on Saturday at the Brushy Creek Center. There are eight players on my team. There are typically ten people per team. That's what is happening in the B.C. Basketball League!

The Magic Rock--a Fan Fiction Piece

by Charlotte

Abigail, Harry Potter, and the cat in the hat are the weirdest things you will ever see or hear. See all three of these characters come from different stories and so forth. Of course, this is how it all began.

On a stormy night, Harry Potter found a big chunk of rock, it started to glow blue. Soon enough, he found himself in a meadow that almost looked like a cartoon. Over in the distance, he saw a cat with a hat that seemed too big for his head. The cat turned around and saw the boy and started to introduced himself. “I’m the cat in the hat...who are you?” “ I’m Harry Potter,” he said.

“Well what are you doing here?,” said the cat in the hat. “I mean you definitely aren't from here?”

“How do you know that?,” said Harry.

“Your hand is glowing blue!,” said the cat.

“That's the rock that got me here,” said Harry.

“ Wait that’s the rock that got you here!,” said the cat.

Then it started to glow pink, swirled around them, and squeezed them into a hole smaller than a worm.

Again, they were in a different dimension. Harry dropped the rock at the site of a girl with pom poms. Once she noticed them, she walked over, bent down, and picked up the rock.

“Is this yours?” “Noooo!”

“Yeesh, what's your problem!?,” as she stormed off. Naturally they scurried after Abigail, pom poms and all.

Once they caught up to Abigail, they told her about the rock. But by the time they finished, they thought it was too late. Nothing happened because they found the place they were meant to be in.


Credit goes to Nancy J. Cavanaugh, Dr.Seuss, and J. K. Rowling for the characters from their books.

Lego League by Ravi

Movie Reviews

by Irene

Warning: contains spoilers-

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thirty years later after the Galactic Empire was defeated,

the galaxy is about to be threatened by evil Kylo Ren(played by Adam Driver), and the First Order. When Finn,a defector,crashes on a desert planet,Finn meets a scavenger named Rey (played by Daisy Ridley), and Rey found a droid named BB-8 that has a secret map. Finn and Rey team up with Han Solo(played by Harrison Ford) because they need Kylo Ren back on the Rebellion because Kylo Ren is actually Han Solo’s son.

Will they do it in time?


The Good Dinosaur

"The Good Dinosaur" is about a dinosaur named Arlos.

He always wanted to make his “mark” in the family. One day,he and his dad go adventuring along the river,but his dad dies along the way. He also gets washed away in the river. To add insult to injury,he finds out that he is lost in the middle of nowhere! Along the way, he befriends a human named Spot. They go on a big adventure,which include facing new challenges and teaming with new dinosaurs twice Arlo’s size. Can they make it to Arlo’s family quickly?

Answers to trivia









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Written by 4th grade students of Patsy Sommer Elementary School, Round Rock ISD.

Image of horse: By from Tiverton, UK (Horse in autumn sun) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons