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CEOs on the Rise - Featuring Choya C. Boykin

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Forbes 5000 features the top 5000 companies and entrepreneurs on the rise in the United States. Although this next CEO did not make the Forbes 5000 list, he is certainly worth an Honorable Mention. CEO Choya C. Boykin has been quietly building his empire through strategic investments and partnerships. Boykin is the Chairman & CEO of Boykin Enterprises that features an impressive portfolio of businesses that include PCMG (Platinum Classics Music Group), which is the parent company of Vulture Bandz Empire. He is the creative mind behind the international success of the Ambition Custom Apparel Brand that styles clients such as actress Taraji P. Henson and musician Baby Jitt. These two companies are the source of the bulk of his $5 million dollar net worth. Forbes 5000 estimates that Boykin will be one of the fasting rising entrepreneurs to reach the $100 million dollar mark within the next five years as most of his assets are tied to the Vanguard Investment Group. Choya Boykin has been called the secret millionaire as it is rumored that he still works a 9 to 5 career. When asked why he still works a set schedule during the day, Boykin replied, " There is a need in the community I serve and I was always taught to never leave any money on the table." Stay tuned to Forbes 5000 for more exciting features about rising entrepreneurs and businesses on the rise.