Instruction Admin & Clerical Mtg

Thursday, August 8, 2013


1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Pivot Table Work Session – Debbi Vesey

3. Adobe Acrobat – postponed to Spring Academy

4. Brainstorm for Ways to Streamline/Improve Processes

-Identify labor intensive processes

-What needs to be automated?

-What can we Acrobatify? (any of our forms – field trip requests?, etc.?)

-Anything for faculty that we can post to the web to make it easier for them to

access from off-site?

-Are our processes communicated clearly (is anything confusing?)

-Anything I can do better?

6. Shared Governance Agenda/Minutes Templates

5. Tips/Best Practices to Share – anyone?

-Tips for dealing with stress/difficult people?

6. Q&A