media literacy

emy acevedo

Media can be defined in many ways. The term “media” associates with the main means of mass communication such as television, radio, and the internet. The media can be a good and bad thing at the same time. They (the media) lie almost half the time about a variety of things. They do this because of many reasons to get popular, to get viewers or listeners interested in what they have to say. What appears on T.V. isn't always factual. They see many as “consumers” and just want to sell whatever it is they are offering. The good thing about the media is information’s traveling at a much faster speed. People from all around the world can communicate with each other like never before because of the internet. The media has opened many job opportunities. Stars today have become huge as a result of the media.

To be media literate, I think means to have an understanding about media, like know your way around it. The actual definition is a repertoire of competencies that enables people to analyze, evaluate and create messages in a wide variety of media modes. I think it’s important in today’s world to have a good idea on media. Media is everywhere and as the years progress I think it’ll get much tougher and/or complex. It’s also important to remember that the media can be very helpful in many situations. Depending on how media is used determines whether or not one knows how it can be used.

Ford "Nearly Double" Big Game Ad | Rob Riggle & James Franco

Ford Commercial

Ford in its Super Bowl commercial "Nearly Double" suggests that men who buy or drive Ford Fusion will become increasingly fascinating. Ford supports its suggestion by having James Franco cruise around stating details surrounding the Fusion hybrid gas fuel with extraordinary scenery including fireworks as well as jet planes and having a tiger accompany him. Ford's purpose is to influence viewers to invest in buying a Fusion in order for men to acquire an impressive lifestyle. Ford's commercial is presented in a humorous tone for white males in their early 30's.


Today's world is filled with tons of chaos. Murders daily on tv. Cheating scandals on magazines. Rumors and gossip on the radio. Violence on every street corners. Lets turn our heads to teens.Teens commonly the ages between 15 to 18 are facing the same problem more and more everyday, teen pregancy.

Teen pregancy can be caused by many factors. Whether it be the parents fault for not teaching them about safe sex or it be the boyfriend for pressuring the girl, its still the girls decision.There are however options the girls has once she learns she pregant. She can take the abortion path, the adoption path or the raise the child while stuggling with school and working the nightshift to support her baby, path. What if we could reverse time however....

The solution to teen pregancy is simple. Time travling has yet to be invented, but there is something better. Girls from the ages of 11 years old to 19 years old will wear an electric underwear garment around their private areas. The parents will be the only ones with the key to unlock it. The girls can still pee through the electric undrwear garment and other femine needs without a problem

Once the girl turns 19 years of age she can have it unlocked. There are no exceptions to have it unlocked. If for any reason the girls garment is unlocked before her 19th birtday than she must go to jail for 2 days and pay a fee of $500 dollars. The person shes involved with will have the same penalty as her. Boys will however pay an additional $200 dollars.


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History Rewrite

On September 11, 2001 the twin towers were a plot by the government. The government needed a reason to start war in the Middle Eastern countries. The planes that crashed the two towers were stunts pulled off by some army men. The towers collapsed fairly quickly as a result from the crash. There was however booms and explosives on each other levels helping the tower fall faster. When the media got information on who was on the airplanes that following morning they were shocked. The news informed its citizens that there were more than 3 army men on the airplane so how could they not have stopped the “terrorist.” The army men were stronger than the hijackers. The plot was created back in the late 90s. The bush administration was behind some of the plot. They started the war in Iraq that had nothing to do with the towers. Lives were stolen because of this inhumane event that occurred. After some years when the news finally broke, the civilians fought back. No one in the country trusted the government anymore. The government was the enemy. Some civilians took actions into their own hands and eliminated some government officials who were behind the scheme.

Once the army men from Iraq returned and discovered what was really happening they created their own group against the government to start a revolution. There would be a new government where the people would know what was happening and there would be no hidden agendas. The security in airports and planes would be stronger and more uniforms would be present. Air marshals would be on every plane, at least two. The air pilots would have fighting skills such as karate. The flight attendance would have some experience in defense fighting. There would also be several cameras on every aisle of the seats.

The bush administration also stepped down in office. The new government elected a new administration to preside in office. The first action that they took was to get rid of the corrupted administration bush had left behind. They also gave fines of any supports of the old government. For the following 10 years no wars had occurred or any terrorist activity had taken place. Crime had gone done and less government involvement was helping the civilians. Laws were changed concerning traveling activity. Faith for the new government had grown stronger with every year passing by. An apology to Iraq and the “hijackers” families was issued after the first anniversary. The new government sends flowers to the families every year. The new government has begun reconstruction on the twin towers; they are scheduled to be completed in 2015. The towers will be taller and stronger with new and more security.

The reason for this rewrite is to ensure trust from the people. To show that the government can never be stronger than its people. The people should always question everything and not just accept what they are getting told. Questioning everything will always get further information. The citizens must always get the truth. Not everything that happens is just a surprise. Investigating will never go wrong.

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Summary of what I learned

While in media literacy I learned a few things. First off I learned what a précis is and how to create one. I learned that précis include four sentences and word choice is very important. I also picked up how to write a satire successfully. I learned that the media can twist your words and make you seem like the bad guy in the speed of light. This class was different than the LA classes I have previously taken. Some assignments are fun and new and not repetitive. The work was half online and half in the classroom which was new. The class doesn’t need improvement. If a student had a bad grade it’s because they didn’t try or were not present in the classroom all semester. There are many opportunities to help a grade out, it’s the student who needs to exercise it. The smores we've done in the past has helped us better understand what we were being taught in the classroom. My favorite smore was the satire one.