California Drought

Fiona Henderson

What is the California Drought?

The California Drought has been widely debated, and whether or not we as humans are the cause has been a subject of dispute. A recent study from Stanford show that these "stubborn high-pressure systems that block California rains" are the result of human caused greenhouse gases that heat the oceans.

However, other scientists disagree.

While all of the scientists agree that warm temperatures in the ocean (that are likely tied to these high pressure systems) can prompt changes in the atmosphere, the question remains unclear as to whether we as humans, are the direct cause for this deadly drought.

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The Scary Truth...


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Specifically, these last three years have been the most severe for California’s droughts. So severe, in fact, that it’s the worst experienced for “at least 1,200 years” according to a recent study.

Essentially, not since 800 A.D. (Vikings!) has California’s records reached so low a rainfall and so hot a temperature as they did from 2012 to 2014.

Now that’s scary.


Based on the research from Stanford, our burning of fossil fuels, thus creating a huge amount of greenhouse gases, has been linked to causes of the current drought.