Who Am I? Enneagram Retreat

The Enneagram: A Pathway to the True Self

A Retreat of Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Sunday, March 22

Noon to 4:00PM, GAC 151

(Open to Students, Staff and Faculty)

The Enneagram is NOT a personality test! The Enneagram is an ancient symbol of unity and diversity, change and transformation.

It is a personality tool used by secular counselors and spiritual directors from many faith traditions and perspectives to help people gain insight into themselves.

The Enneagram measures personality along 9 different scales, each of which are linked to a number of personality traits (see image above).

This retreat will use the Enneagram to:

~ Help familiarize you with your personality type.

~ Learn how the Enneagram can assist you in achieving greater self-awareness.

~ Gain insight into how you interact with others, e.g. friends, co-workers, etc.

~ Foster a sense of spiritual health and wellness

Space is Limited! Cost is FREE!! Lunch is Included!

RSVP by March 19 below

This retreat is sponsored by the Center for Spirituality and the Student Wellness Center.

Enneagram Retreat

Sunday, March 22nd, 12-4pm

GAC 151

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