Ms. Dammen's 4th Grade News

November 2015

7 Habits of Happy Kids

This month we are learning about Habit #1, Be Proactive. The class is working on making proactive vs. reactive decisions and choices. The 7 Habits help students to succeed both in and out of the classroom. My hope is that the students begin to realize that they have control over much of what happens in their lives. These are also skills that will transfer to their adult lives.

Class Dojo

Many of the students are already in the 100 Point Club! A few have even made it to the 150 Point Club. When your child reaches one of these milestones they are able to choose and incentive such as, lunch with a friend in the classroom, Morning Meeting leader for the day, wearing a hat to school for a day, etc.

The Genre Project

This month's genre is Mystery. The students are reading many mystery books in November. After they finish a book, they give a book talk to the class and then share a book project. Some of the fabulous book projects have been Wanted Posters and Google Slide Presentations.

Language Arts/Reading

* Spelling- words with long and short o (examples: throat, known, continent, approach)

* Vocabulary- assist, innocent, scheme, misjudged, suspect, speculated

* Grammar: fragments and run-on sentences

* Genre: Play

* Vocabulary Strategies- prefixes non- , mis-

* Writing: dialogue


* Math Facts- making our facts automatic

* Multiplication of two- digit and one- digit numbers

* Multiplication using the algorithm

* Place value to the millions

* Writing numbers in multiple ways: standard form, word form, and expanded form

Math Resources