Men's Mastermind Group

Courage. Accountability. Support


Success in the real world depends on sustained performance. High performing folks all have one thing in common – GRIT. Their success isn’t due to the status, class, privilege, IQ, or a magic gene, it is built on intentional and enduring effort dedicated to improving performance. Showing up and doing the work. Not whining about it, not hoping for it, not dreaming about it–doing it.


I am committed to share my skills, wisdom, experience and network with a group of like-minded MEN to help them learn to navigate the challenges in this new world of work. I learned that people’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.

Let me share my lessons and wisdom with you.

You have to learn the rules to the game... and play better than anyone else.

It will bring together 10 professional men looking for mutual support and accountability, and keep them on track and energized about their work and career. These men are ready to do thework and go after what they want.

The purpose of the mastermind group is to help you breathe life into business and personal development. The mastermind group will also provide you with an opportunity to develop coaching skills, and to improve your ability to influence others into positive action.

Let me share my lessons and wisdom with you.

Courage + Accountability+ Support

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Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire,become what you respect, mirror what you admire.

What you get:

  • 6 Month mastermind program gives you monthly (6 total) 90 minute group meetings.
  • 1 Live in person meeting a year ( travel cost associated with in person meetings are additional and separate from program fee)
  • Monthly 1:1 short laser phone conversations to support you as you begin to implement your plan. We’re in this together!
  • Access and interviews with the best thought leaders on issues that are important to you

The program fee is $2,000.00

A small price to pay to help you create the conditions that will change your life. Yet the real question is what will NOT change (e.g., stress, dysfunction, turf wars, fear, stuckness etc.) if you do not get the mentoring and support you deserve.

How will you be transformed after our time together?

The benefits of joining a mastermind group vary from one person to another. Some of the most common benefits for members that join a mastermind group are:

Accountability -procrastination and time management may be an issue for you and you will have a group of people asking you what did you get done today?

Personal Growth- It doesn’t matter how much confidence you had before, meeting in a group of like-minded people that have a high amount of energy will bring you a tremendous amount of personal as well as professional growth.

Resources- As you expand your network, so expands your resources, impact and exposure and income opportunities

Answers and ideas, which come from brainstorming with the group- There are people within the group who have “been there, done that” and you will be able to gain ideas and energy from them.

Experience, skill and confidence- There may be parts of your business or life you simply need to learn MORE about. You have other men who have that specialized knowledge and wisdom that you can learn from.

An instant and valuable support network- The Mastermind group is a safe place of mutual support at all time. You will find someone asking you hard questions. They may encourage you to see things from a different perspective, but there is always respect

At the end of the program you will be a stronger leader, better connected and more courageous than you ever thought possible.

Real Talk

This offer is not for everyone.

We all have a decision to make; we can be average or we can be exceptional. You always have the choice to stay exactly where you are or reach for something more. The choice is yours.

This program is an investment and a commitment, no doubt about it. It is for YOU if you understand that to get the life and career you want you have to work for it. This group is for the man that understands the value, sees the return on investment, and recognizes the magic that is created when the right community comes together to leverage networks, share knowledge and push limits.

Because here is the truth: You either design your own career and life or someone else will do it for you.

This program is the catalyst to help you create the conditions for change in your life. Together this group of talented men will help you put the pieces in place to design a business and life that works for you. You will be inspired, supported, pushed and by this time next year reach your big goals for more freedom, customers, clients, money and exposure.

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I am Desiree Adaway and I am a consultant and coach.

I am a strong, strategic business professional with the breadth and depth of having worked with organizations of all sizes in various phases of transition. I bring my clients insights and expertise from having served in senior-level roles in the nonprofit and grant management sectors for such renowned organizations as Habitat for Humanity International, where I was the Senior Director of Volunteer Mobilization, and Rotary International, where I was the director of their largest Humanitarian Grants program.