Sabine County - est. 12.14.1837

by Hannah Jeon


In the Sabine county, it has been most helpful for their lumber. Some ways to explain are how Pineland, Texas was founded as a sawmill town. Pineland is the founding land for Pineland Operations of Temple-Inland, Inc. The incorporation was made in 1910 and has been there ever since. Pineland is located on the Timber Rock Railroad, although it was formerly called Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad.

Forests, Parks and Rivers

Sabine county has two forests and three parks. These forests and parks are great for camping and events like birthday party, family reunions. In Sabine county, they have two water sources. The Toledo Bend Reservoir, and the Lake Sam Rayburn. The Toledo Bend borders the Sabine National Forest, also North and South Toledo Bend Park.