2019 TPSF Summer Academy

Robots and Drones: June 27th, 2019

Showcase Wednesday, July 3rd!

We have had an incredible 3 weeks of robotics, computer programming and flying drones at the TPSF Summer Academy! Please mark your calendars for the showcase event from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on Wednesday, July 3rd.

The agenda for the showcase will be:

11:00 am Welcome and Introductions in Gym

11:10 am Drone Race Demo

11:15 am VEX IQ "Squared Away" Game Demo

11:20 am VEX EDR "Tower Takeover" Game Demo

11:25 am Dismissal to Individual Showcase Events

11:30 am Individual Showcase Events

  • Robotics 1.0- Located in Gym
  • Robotics 1.5- Located in Room 5-203
  • Robotics 2.0- Located in Gym
  • Drones- Located in Gym

12:00 pm Showcase ends, Begin Breakdown and Clean Up

12:30 pm Students are dismissed

*Please note that students will be free to leave once their robot kit is organized and stored away

*Students who are not being picked up until 12:30 pm and finish early will assist Robotics 1.0 students in breaking down robots, organizing materials, and breaking down competition fields.

We are all looking forward to showcasing our learning and skills!

Hope to see you there,

Mrs. Williams

TUSD Robotics Lead

Calendar Reminder

We have class this Friday, June 28th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Next week, we attend camp Monday through Wednesday with our final showcase on July 3rd to end the 2019 TPSF Summer Academy!

Robotics 1.0

This week, we built the robot called Clutch who was designed to play the game "Squared Away" for the 2019-2020 competition season. We are learning how to drive and code Clutch while also collecting observations on how we might improve this robot to play the game even better using the engineering design process. Next week, we should see some innovations that students will be making to improve Clutch. We are excited to see what the students come up with!

Robotics 1.5

Students built robots for the 4-bar lift challenge this week to try and autonomously code a robot to pick up a cup from the floor, turn around, and place the cup on top of a box. We learned how to write code using the software program Robot C using a hybrid language called natural language. This is a hybrid language that helps teach students C++. Students used their knowledge from last week and made incredible innovations to their new chassis builds. They then added a four-bar lift on top to perform the challenge. Students will all make videos to share with you at the showcase! here is the link to our webpage with Video Links for both challenges on the top.

Robotics 2.0

The middle school teams made great progress on their competition robots. All teams finished their lifts and are perfecting the object manipulators to pick up and stack cubes. Our goals are to begin driving practice and figuring out some strategic moves before the big Showcase event. We are excited to debut the new game of the season "Tower Takeover"!


A new group of students began flying and coding drones this week. We have been flying through and around obstacles using Parrot Drones and learning how to code in Arduino software using CoDrones. Students have also used the design thinking process to design and create their own obstacle course! The theme of this group's obstacle course is Minecraft. We look forward to seeing what you all create!

Thank you to the Mentors!

We have 20 mentors all from TUSD Robotics that help set up and support the students and teachers of the robotics and drone classes. They have also prepared our competition fields and equipment for the competition season. The TUSD Robotics program and TPSF Summer Academy Robotics programs are very successful because of these mentors and volunteers! Words can not express how grateful for all that you do! Thank you for your commitment to our programs.
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Pictured above are the mentors who have helped with many of the odd jobs and supported multiple classes including organizing our new V5 orders! Michelle (Lead Mentor), Connor, Megan, Norah, Matthew, Ashwin, Vianna, and of course, the one and only, Alex!

Thank you again to all the mentors and teachers for making this summer absolutely amazing!

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