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Connecting Students to Learning and Earning~Dec. 16, 2016


Flexible Pathways: Act 77 at Hazen Union


Individualized Based Learning plans (IBL's) are an option for all Hazen students. This is your opportunity to customize your learning and earn credit for your work. This past semester, students have worked in paid and unpaid internships and on independent projects for credit. Under Vermont's Flexible Pathway's Initiative, IBL's are a way to make learning more meaningful and engaging for all students. If you have an idea for an IBL, or need help developing an idea for an IBL, talk to your guidance counselor and teachers.

IBL Project Idea: Freedom & Unity Contest

Are you interested in filmmaking? Would you like to take a flexible pathway to earning history credit? Hardwick Community Television (HCTV) has offered to provide support and mentorship to an interested student or students who would like to create a film through the Freedom & Unity Contest. For more information: Freedom & Unity Contest

IBL Project Idea: Learn how to make, market and sell food!

Do you have passion for food? Are you a budding entrepreneur? If yes, this may be an opportunity for you to turn your passion into product development while earning Hazen credit. Vermont Food Venture Center is looking to partner with one or more students next semester to teach them the ins and outs of developing and selling a food product. If you are interested in this incredible opportunity, please contact Jen Olson.

VAN Video Challenge!

Van Video Challenge 2: Promo

Dual Enrollment-2nd Semester

As a junior or senior attending a public high school, technical center, or an independent school using public tuition dollars in Vermont, you are eligible for two Dual Enrollment vouchers, each good for one free college course at a participating college. The free credits earned at college also count as credit towards graduation from high school.

Before applying for a dual enrollment voucher, please review the eligibility guidelines, and if you have any questions, contact your guidance counselor.

IBL Project Idea: Work for WGDH-Goddard College Community Radio

Goddard College Community Radio is looking for a volunteer to help compile its community calendar. This is an opportunity to help local people find events they’re interested in and for event organizers to get the word out to the community. Each week, programmers let listeners of WGDR Plainfield (91.1 FM) and WGDH Hardwick (91.7 FM) know about events happening in our listening area. We get many notices sent to us that we are unable to include in the community calendar, because we lack a volunteer to compile them.

You can do the work from home or at the station; training will be provided. Intermediate or better computer skills are a must. If interested, please contact Jen Olson.

Community Service Opportunity!

Do you have a truck? Can you assist someone from Walden with moving a cord of firewood 100 feet? Please contact Jen Olson in Guidance to be connected to this community service opportunity.

IBL Project Idea: Become a Soccer Referee! Upcoming Training at Johnson Stage College

Are you a sports fanatic? Have you ever thought of becoming a referee? There is a shortage of trained referees statewide and nationally. Opportunities to become trained are available locally. Youth referees in Vermont make on average $40-$50 per game and as skills increase, so do opportunities and pay. For those interested in spring soccer, a training is scheduled for Saturday, January 7th at JSC. Click here for more information.

IBL Project Idea: STEM - Bridge Building Competition - and Crushing!

Students are invited to participate in Vermont Tech’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology’s 3rd Annual Bridge Building Competitions. Teams will construct bridges in advance of the competitions - using only Popsicle sticks, Elmer’s glue, tooth picks, and dental floss - for criteria, information and registration –